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Yulyana Woods Needleworks
- Back to the Needleworks with that Thread. Hand it over to the old Sage and he'll get to work on the vestments. Various cut scenes ensue.
- Like, really. Long cut scene. Yeesh, Tiz, stop eavesdropping.
- Once all's said and done, Agn├Ęs will have a fancy new outfit. Check out the Party Chat that follows, then move out. To the Temple of Wind!
Temple of Wind
- Make your way through the shortcut to the rear of the Temple, to the crystal's chamber. Be sure to save on this visit - you have a battle ahead.
- Cut scene. Bad stuff. Boss time!

A two-headed dog with some obvious elemental leanings, Orthros is actually two foes bundled together in one. Its red head is vulnerable to ice; its blue head is vulnerable to fire. Both heads have all-hitting attacks related to their respective elements as well as single-hitting strikes, again related to the elements. Its last option is the non-elemental Bite. Abilities and attacks that deaden the effects of fire and ice attacks are advised, and Protect is always handy against physical attacks.
Though it's wise to exploit the elemental weaknesses of the two heads, you can easily get away with simply beating on the thing with your physical characters while a White Mage or item slinger heals everyone. Take on the head that you're more vulnerable to, whittling down all of its HP before you even start on the second head. The remaining head seemingly becomes a bit more powerful thereafter (or at least it attacks more often), but you'll have less to worry about overall.

- Cut scenes ensue, then you have to charge up the crystal as Airy commands. No worries, it's pretty simple. Follow the on-screen prompts and tap the dickens out of that X button. (Don't worry about going over the limit as Airy suggests - you'll get it just right.) After all that's done the crystal will be restored, and you'll be able to effectively equip two support abilities on your characters. Nice. This limit will rise each time you unlock a crystal, which will come in really handy as you move through more job classes and diversify your still-simple characters.
- Party Chat it up, then rush out of the Temple of Wind and return to Ancheim. Maybe that stupid king will be a bit less judgmental now... (Don't forget that there are still monsters in the Temple of Wind if you took a beating against Orthros!)
- A long cut scene ensues after you enter the city. Yay!
- Party Chat immediately thereafter. Check it out.
- Try to leave town. On your way out you'll be stopped by the prime minister, Dominus, who is a much nicer man than his boss. Ultimately you'll decide to head to the Yulyana Woods Needleworks to speak to the perverted sage again.
- At this point you can reenter Ancheim and partake of the last side quest this city has to offer. The details surrounding it are found in this article. (Yep, it has to do with the stupid, stupid king. Enjoy!) Note that this quest is only available if you've already completed the other two sub scenarios associated with Ancheim; the first is detailed in this article, and the second is in this article. (Links coming soon.)
World Map
- Party Chat upon leaving Ancheim. Once it's done, head to the airship. After the next cut scene's done... well, unexpected! So much for using the Eschalot.
- You'll have to walk the rest of the way. Head east of here to reach your next destination: a giant, purple bog.