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Part Eight: Return to the Temple of Wind

Main Walkthrough

Chapter 2: One Day, Beneath a Blue Sky
Miasma Woods
- Cut scene! Dire tidings. Bad guys are so bad.
- Once you've regained control of your party, have a chat with the fox to your left. As with the fox near the Yulyana Woods Needleworks, this one will sell you equipment and spells. They're all the same as what the other fox offered.
- Head north from the fox. The important thing to note from here on in is the green miasma that decorates the ground of this area. This will poison your characters if you step in it. Avoid the miasma whenever possible! (Though if you do hit some, you'll get a Party Chat. Yays, that was worth the pain.)
- Follow the twisting path until it splits off to the west. Follow this branch in a counterclockwise curve back east to find a chest. Inside is a Remedy. Return to the main path and keep going north.
- Second screen. Make your way to the far west, then head north. Along the way you'll find another locked blue chest to ignore.

- In the northeast corner of this area you'll find a looping section of the path. Proceed along it from the west in a counterclockwise direction to find two chests, one containing 2,000 pgand the other a Scimitar.
- Return to the blue chest and go north along the path to the left. Ahead is another branch; go right to find a chest containing a Phoenix Down, then run north.
- Third screen. There's a broad swampy area to your left; across it is a chest containing a Hi-Potion. Skirt the right side of the swamp and you'll find a path leading right which goes back to the previous screen. Here is a chest containing an X-Potion.
- Wander west. The path will branch out in multiple directions. Stick to the southern path and follow it further south to find a chest at a dead end. Inside is an Earthing Rod.
- Backtrack to the split and continue a short ways west. There's another southbound path which will lead you to a Turbo Ether.
- Go back to the main path and run a little ways right, then north. To the north you'll find a chest containing anEther. If you feel adventurous you can continue north from here across a patch of miasma to collect a Remedyfrom a chest... or sweep back south, go west, then head north, which will also lead you to the Remedy. Your call.
- Whichever path you take, you'll find your friendly neighbourhood robed figure. Save up, heal if you're poisoned, and carry on north.

- Cut scene. (That lady's got some odd pants.) After that you'll emerge from the Miasma Woods, boss free and with a Party Chat waiting. Woo!
World Map
- Make your way northwest along the world map. You've arrived in a land of splitting rivers which can distract you from the real path. Get on the road and follow it across a nearby bridge. It will eventually carry you to your next destination: the fragrant Florem.