- Cut scene upon entering the city. Apparently the girls here are big jerks. And there's a beauty contest! Hum.
- After a quick Party Chat you have the run of the town. Scattered about is the usual assortment of services, listed handily on your map. If you stay at the Inn you'll receive a Party Chat; otherwise it's business as usual upgrading your characters. In particular you want to save up for the spells, as Florem offers a fantastic assortment of new magics. At the very least your healer will want Cura.
- Once you're finished cavorting about the town, follow the northern path. Along the way north it will split; take a right and enter the orangey building you find for a cut scene. It will explain much.
- Party Chat once you leave. Your next destination is more or less set: The Temple of Water. Head out of Florem.

World Map
- Follow the road west out of Florem. After the first bridge, head south. The Temple of Water is an obvious landmark.
Temple of Water
- Immediately after entering you'll be hit by a Party Chat. Watch it, then set in. Note that there are no enemies in here to worry about, so walk freely and explore as much as you like.
- The layout will probably look quite familiar, as it's similar to the Temple of Wind. Run straight forward to the first intersection.
- Take a left at the intersection and go south. In a small alleyway you'll find a chest containing a Remedy. In the first room with bookshelves, check between two of the shelves to find a hidden path. It leads to a Rebuff Locket.

- Sweep back east across the intersection. There's a room to inspect in the next hallway. To the right of this room is another small room containing a Hi-Potion, and further right of this aPhoenix Down.
- Head north of this small cluster of rooms to find another room to inspect. North of here are two more chests, these containing an Ice Charm and an X-Potion.
- Enter the large room to the west of here to inspect. Keep going west, back into the main hall.
- There's a robed save dude near the door in the north. Head south of this guy to find a chest containing an Ether, then head back and save. Go through the door.
- The Water Crystal is beyond. Important cut scene.
- Back to Florem!
- Return to the matriarch's abode in the north of Florem. Cut scene time. (You just knew the beauty contest would enter into the story somehow.)
- After the lengthy, silly cut scenes are done, you'll be set loose on Florem. Now you have to make Agn├Ęs look as purdy as possible. In this little quest you'll be bopping from one person to the next in the search for beautification. Speak to the woman outside the matriarch's house, the Trader, the blue-haired woman west of the Trader's shop, the man in the south of Florem, the brown-haired girl on the left side of the central garden, and then back to the matriarch. You'll receive your next mission: talk to that pervy old sage again. Siiiiigh... (There will be a few Party Chats through all this. Watch as you see fit.)
- Once you're tasked with returning to see the Sage Yulyana you'll also unlock the beginning of a sub scenario, just outside the matriarch's house. It's not a terribly long sub scenario, so if you have a bit of time you may want to do it now. Either way, your next out-of-town destination is the Yulyana Woods Needleworks. Huzzah!

Part Eleven: Mount Fragmentum

Main Walkthrough