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- Whom else would you see but the king? He'll hail your bravery and gift you with the airship. (As though he really has a say over that.)
- Back to the world map.
World Map
- Return to the lake, and to the airship. Ringabel will take control of the airship and spirit the Eschalot into the sky.
- (Also, Agn├Ęs needs to stop telling people to leave the party. Jeez.)
- Wooo! Eschalot! You can now fly all over the world map. The Eschalot can also dip into the seas, but they're not in a fit state to do as much. Your next destination is to the southeast - though pause a moment to watch the pair of Party Chats that crop up while you're in the Eschalot.
- Though you can fly just about anywhere on the world map, you need to land the Eschalot in a suitable body of water to debark. This very much limits your options. Wander about in the airship taking in the sights for as long as you wish, then head for the big yellowish expanse on your map and land in the water surrounding it to spark the next cut scene. You're looking for a tiny dock in particular.

Chapter 1: Sit & Stay are Tricks for Dogs
World Map
-Cut scene. The wind ain't doin' so well these days.
- Also: Villains! Oooo.
- Once you regain control you'll be on a new continent of sandy disposition. Yu can search the edges of this continent if you really want, but it's a fruitless endeavour. Head south, looking for some rockier terrain, and you'll find a town full of windmills waiting. Be warned - the enemies here are a decent bit stronger than those in the fertile plains of Caldisla.
- Oooo, a new town. There's a new Party Chat waiting shortly after you enter, as well.
- Straight ahead is an inn with a nearby robed save dude. Continue onward and you'll hit another Party Chat.
- Ancheim is home to the typical assortment of stores. Yay, commercialism! It's a straightforward town, so it's virtually impossible to miss these places on your way to the palace.
- There's a guard near the top of this area, on the left side of town. Inspect the door beside him to find a hidden Ether.
- After shopping in this nicely-linear area (I highly advise picking up the Protect spell as a minimum - it's fantastic for warding off the game's many, many attackers), approach the palace on the top line of buildings and listen to Ancheim's king talk to his people. What an obvious jerk.
- Party Chat once he's done.

- Enter the palace after the series of chats is complete. The king will act even jerkier inside. After he's done you'll learn of sub scenarios, which will lead you to asterisk bearers that can teach you new jobs.
- Back outside. Party chat.
- Head down the stairs from the palace. At the bottom, to your left, is a lamp post. Inspect it to find a Hi-Potion.
- Head into the building on your right. Inside you'll find the somewhat-sinister Chairman Profiteur. He will politely kick you out. Hmm. Check the lamp on the right side of the bridge leading to his desk for a Teleport Stone before chatting. (You'll come back to this dude later, no worries. He's the subject of one of the side quests mentioned just moments ago.)
- Also near here is a water fountain, and if you approach it after talking to Profiteur you'll spark a cut scene. This is the beginning of not one, not two, but three side quests. We'll have a look at the first of the three in this articlethe second in this article; and the third in this article.

- Not much else to see here for the moment. Leave Ancheim through its right exit. You have a date with the Temple of Wind.
World Map
- The desert welcomes you. Wander south from Ancheim to find some slightly-less-dusty lands. Down here you'll find your next destination poking obviously out of the desert. Heal up if necessary and wander inside. Next stop: the dusty hallways of the Temple of Wind! How fun!