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Main Walkthrough

World Map
- Cut scene ensues after you leave Centro Keep.
- Caldisla! Run, run!
- Save when you reenter Caldisla, restock as necessary (you can't sleep yet, but don't sweat it), and rush up to the castle. You may want to buy some appropriate equipment for any new Black Mages in your party.
- Cut scene follows. The king has been kidnapped! Dastardly. Party Chat follows.
- Leave and you'll get another cut scene with the innkeeper. Poor Karl.
- You now have control of Edea alone for a short while. Walk northwest through Caldisla, towards the grave yard, until you hit a cut scene. So many feels.
- All is settled the next morning. Onward!
World Map
- Out on the map you'll learn about Special Moves. These moves build up with BP, and grant extra bonuses until the Special Move music ends. Handy. Another Party Chat pops up after the tutorial.
- Head northeast, back to Centro Keep. Run through the Keep's first hallway and you'll find a gate to the north. Edea will pop it open so you can pass through. A Party Chat ensues.
- The world beyond! Follow the pathway roughly north. There are new enemies out here, but they're no big deal. Keep going northwestish until you find a large home at the side of the massive crater scarring the continent.

Lontano Villa
- Edea will talk her way past the gate guard. Party Chat after you're done infiltrating Lontano Villa, then enter the Villa itself.
- The ruse doesn't last long. Fight! Beat up the first set of Eternians. No worries, they're easy. Be careful - enemies like to poison and blind your characters in this place, and you'll occasionally get struck by all-hitting attacks. Watch your HP.
- You're now inside Lontano Villa. Take a right ahead and head north to the northeast corner of the room. Here you'll find a chest containing an Ether.
- Run back south until you see a path through the wall to your left. Slip through.
- Run north and curl 'round the center of this area counterclockwise to find a chest. Inside is an Antidote.
- Backtrack north and head through the gap in the wall. To the east is a set of stairs.
- Second floor. Head south / southeast and run along the red carpet until you see an adjoining room with a chest. Continue south to find your way in; the chest contains aPotion.
- Sweep southwest. The path will split in two; the left path will take you to a set of stairs. At the bottom of the stairs is a chest containing a Spear. Go back upstairs, take the right, and wander north until you reach a pathway through the right wall. Down it you'll find a chest containing 400 pg.
- Return to the open area in the northwest of this floor and go through the bright, white door in the corner.
- Cool outside scene. Run along the ramparts to a door on the right side of the Villa.
- Back inside. Head north and run past the stairs you find to discover a chest. Inside is a White Cape. Backtrack to the stairs and head up.
- Head north at the top of the stairs to find a dead end. Check the chest here for a Phoenix Down. Wander back south and continue past the stairs.
- Twist west and north to reach a small clearing. To the north is a room with a blue chest; it's locked, and you can't open it just yet. Go south instead. To your left is a robed dude who will save your game...
- ... and through the next door, the dude who raided Caldisla. Start by wiping out the Eternian guards he sends at you. Heinkel will take off after they're dead; check the Party Chat after he leaves.
- Go through the door to your left to emerge on the outside of the villa again. Rush to the right to find Heinkel prepping an airship. To arms!

Heinkel, Sky Archer x 2
As far as your physical hitters go, this battle is a little annoying. The two Archers love to poison your characters, and Heinkel will protect them from physical hits so long as he's alive. He will also raise his defense if they're around, so your strikes on him won't do much damage. Employ a Black Mage to zap the two Sky Archers, taking them out of the equation and forcing Heinkel to drop his defenses a little and attack on his own. Heinkel's attacks are powerful, but they'll only hit one, maybe two characters at a time. Keep your healer working on HP values and you shouldn't have too much trouble trouncing this jerky knight. Heinkel is weak to Thunder, so use it constantly.
- The fall of Heinkel will gift your valiant heroes with the Knight asterisk, allowing you to change your characters into strong, protective Knights. Woot. You'll also gain the Eschalot, a fancy little airship that can zip you about the world map with ease. Wooooot!
World Map
- ... though you can't fly the ship yet. Oh well.
- Return to Caldisla. You're now bound for other lands!