- You probably know where to go by now. Check out the castle. (If you ate up your restorative items wiping the floor with Barras and Holly you might also want to pick up some more, especially if neither of your characters is going the White Mage route.)
- Cut scene ensues. There's a Party Chat to watch after the fact, as well. Once you've watched the Party Chat, head to the inn to have a nap. Bad stuff will happen. Eternians!
- After that's done, you'll gain a new party member: Ringabel, the wanton lady-lover from the intro. You'll also gain D's Journal, which contains hints to future events... namely, what you need to do next in your journey. Handy. There's a Party Chat to watch immediately after he joins, as well.
- Stock up, equip your new guy with whatever equipment you see fit to give him (a Freelancer is good for now, as two White Mages is overkill and two Monks isn't terribly diverse), and head out to the world map. New destination!
World Map
- You have a pyromancer to find next, and he's located to the northeast of Caldisla. Wander that direction, across a bridge, to find the rather obvious Centro Keep.

Ruins of Centro Keep
- Cut scene upon entering the Ruins. Guess who's going to join your party next?
- Once you gain control you'll be in a busted-up dungeon of sorts. Most of the time you'll be running into Orcs and, on higher levels, Orc Leaders. They're pretty standard baddies, though their Thrust attacks can poison your characters. Try to wipe them out with Brave attacks before they can get in a hit to avoid this annoying status ailment.
- The path splits immediately ahead; there's nothing to the north, so take a right.
- Inside is a wall switch on the right wall which opens a gate to the next room to the north. Go through to find stairs which lead up a floor.
- Second floor. Follow the twisting corridor south, following the right wall. In a dead end you'll find a wall switch. Press it to open up a room back north. Run back north, but before entering the room you just opened, take the passage leading south that's to your left. It leads to a chest containing Silver Glasses.
- Backtrack to the room you opened and head through. Run up the stairs.
- Third floor. Directly right is a chest to snag containing a Phoenix Down. Snag it, walk back to the stairs, and head south.
- In the far south you'll find a two-way split. Go right to find another hallway leading to three adjoining rooms. In the middle room is a wall switch that opens up the left side of the previous hallway; in the top room is a chest containing Echo Herbs. In the bottom room, hidden from view in the bottom-right corner, is a secret passage which leads south and west to a chest containing Iron Knuckles.
- Head to the left side of the hallway. It twists north, west and back south towards a chest; inside it is a Wakeup Bell. In the hallway next to the chest is a switch which will open a room up north...
- ... and inside the room is a set of stairs. Down you go.
- Second floor. Follow the hallway south to find a split. Go south to find a chest. Inside is a Mage Masher, which will be rather handy in the coming battle.
- Backtrack and follow the path as it worms eastward. If you dip into the corridor to the north you'll find a dead end with a chest; inside is a Potion. Run south of the chest to find a wall switch which opens a room back near the staircase.
- Save dude. You know what needs be done. Go down the stairs to his left.
- Cut scene, and, you guessed it, boss battle. Not only that, but Edea joins the party!

For a Black Mage, Ominas has a fairly beefy HP count at 1,800. He's also somewhat dangerous thanks to an all-hitting Fire attack which will hit your team for 60 - 80 HP of damage each time, depending on your jobs. As his HP goes down he'll also start using Sleep, putting one of your characters temporarily under. Nevertheless, this guy's a pushover. Have your White Mage heal everybody in the wake of Ominas' Fire attack while everyone else beats the stuffing out of him. That's... all there is to it, really: if he's not using spells, Ominas hits with a weak physical attack. He only really gets dangerous if he has a chance to cast Fire more than once a round, and even that's not problematic if your White Mage is healing most of the time.
- Take out Ominas and you'll gain the Black Mage asterisk, allowing you to convert your characters into Black Mages. It's not a bad idea to turn one of your characters into a Black Mage right now, as their spells are quite good at exploiting elemental weaknesses in boss fights.
- Cut scene. Things are dramatic, and your course back to Caldisla is set - but take a moment to watch a Party Chat immediately after you regain control. Then you can leave.