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Cargo Ship

- After a few cut scenes you’ll wind up in the hold of a cargo ship, bound across the ocean. Check to your left for an Ether, then speak to Yuffie, the sailor near the item you can’t reach. You can give her a Tranquilizer to ease her burdened stomach. (Assuming, you know, you recruited her earlier.) The other wandering soldier down here is Aeris; you can get in her good books or turn her off by speaking to her.

- Head up onto the deck. The sailor to your left will sell you items, and can provide inn-like rejuvenation for 250 gil. On the right is a soldier - Tifa, in fact - up on a crow’s nest. Speak to her and you can improve her opinion of you by agreeing with her. (Or not.)

- There’s a save point on the far left, above the command deck. Near it is an awkward soldier; speak to him to reveal a dancing Red XIII.

- Go belowdeck after speaking to everyone and speak to Aeris again. She’ll wonder after Barret. Head back up to the deck and check the front of the ship, to the left. You’ll find Barret peeking into the command deck. Speak to him to trigger a cut scene, then run back to the main deck. The team is waiting, and things will start to go wrong on the ship. Pick a team, save, and head belowdeck.

- There are now enemies down here. Marines are probably the most annoying, as they can put your party to sleep, but you can also steal decent Shinra Beta armour from them. Check between the boxes for an All materia, then head through the northern door.

- Climb the ladder on your left in the next room. You’ll find a path to a Wind Slash. Climb back down, then check the officer between the ships two engines for a cut scene. Boss battle!

Jenova BIRTH

The first of many fights against this beast, Jenova BIRTH is no pushover. Its attacks consist of a series of lasers that hit either one target or your whole party. Most dangerous is its W Laser, which, despite targeting one character at a time, ends up hitting everybody in succession. Jenova can also cast Stop on one character, though this doesn’t come out too often and is only a minor nuisance. It’s best to go on the defensive in this fight, keep healing as needed, and use powerful Limit Breaks to defeat Jenova once you take enough damage. Barring that, use strong spells like Quake to sap its HP. (Not Bio, though. Bio is useless.) It’s a straightforward battle, though long. You’ll get a White Cape for defeating Jenova BIRTH.

- There will be an Ifrit materia sitting nearby when the battle ends. Pick this up now! If you leave the room without grabbing it you’ll forever lose the materia. That done, wander out of the engine room and you’ll wind up in a new town.

Costa Del Sol

- Upon arrival, the team will split up and wander the town. They’ll pop up in various places, usually accompanied by humorous scenes. Head away the port for a cut scene, then do some wandering yourself.

- The first building you come to in Costa Del Sol, across the bridge from the port, is a villa formerly belonging to President Shinra. You can buy it… for 300,000 gil. Ouch. Do so and you can sleep here for free. Check the basement for a Fire Ring, a Motor Drive, and a Power Source, all free of charge.

- Down the street is a bar. The man on the far left in here sells armour, if you’re in the market. Along this same stretch, on the right, you’ll find a small apartment owned by a familiar face. To the right of here is a materia shop, run out of a truck (which Yuffie will staff if she’s not in your active party). Next to it is an inn, and a man in a stall beside the inn sells items. Don’t check in at the inn ’til you’ve finished looking for your teammates, as they’ll all disappear from the town once you do.

- Check by the beach. You’ll find Hojo down here, apparently on his own journey. Not much you can do about him. Check him and you’re done with Costa Del Sol.