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Mt. Corel

- Head west from Costa Del Sol. You’ll meet some… odd… enemies along the way, primarily in the Grangalan family, but nothing too dangerous or notable. You’ll find a path through the mountains; follow it to eventually find a new area.

- There are more new enemies here, though nothing too dangerous; Steal from any Bagnadranas you come across for a Diamond Pin for Red XIII, and from Bombs in the latter half of the area for Right Arms that are decent, all-hitting explosives, similar to Grenades. 

- Climb Mt. Corel until you reach a Mako reactor. South of it you’ll hit a railway track that leads east. There are stairs next to the track; don’t bother going down, or exploring the pathway to the north. It’s part of a future flashback cut scene, and there’s nothing to see. Continue along the tracks to the east.

- The railway tracks continue. This area is notable for occasional breaks in the track that will abruptly dump you far below, forcing you to climb back up. If you ‘fly’ your way to the sides while falling here you can collect items. On the right is a Star Pendant; on the left is a Wizard Staff. Tap the circle button quickly to avoid falling once you have both items.

- Use the save point ahead, then continue east. The track splits, curving up and down. Head up to find your first break in the track, and beyond that a W Machine Gun. This very handy weapon will raise your materia at double the rate. Backtrack and take the lower path, along which you’ll hit another break. Climb the upper track on the other side to find a Turbo Ether, another break in the track, and a Transform materia.

- The track splits again ahead. Heading down the lower path will take you to a dead end, though you can change your party if you wish. Take the upper path, across the bridge on the next screen, and enter the small shack along the path to lower the bridge for your team.

- Continue down the tracks. You can climb the wall just past the shack to find a pair of chicks in a nest. If you choose to go after the treasure, you’ll have to fight a Cokatolis, though you’ll receive ten Phoenix Downs for your cruelty. Refuse and you’ll lose the choice for good.

- Backtrack to the previous screen and take the lower path across the bridge. Keep tromping along and eventually the path will split. Take the left path that bends around and beneath the previous section of track and you’ll find a small cave. Inside you’ll find a Tent, a Mind Source, and a Power Source. Grab the lot, then return to the split and head south. One lengthy bridge crossing later…

North Corel

- Upon arrival in this small, ruined mountain town you’ll find a cut scene. If Barret’s in the party you’ll see one variation of the scene; if he’s not you’ll get another. Needless to say, Barret ain’t welcome ‘round these parts.

- There’s not much to see here. There are item, materia, and weapon shops near the entrance, and you’ll find an inn at the top of the ramps on the left. Yep. If you leave town on the right you’ll be on the world map, and you can fight the enemies outside, though they’re nothing special. Head left instead and you’ll wind up on the path to the most specialist place on the planet: the Gold Saucer.