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Junon Harbor

- To reach Junon, you need to head far to the west. The Harbor is located on the other side of a rather steep cliff, overlooking the water. It’s a bit difficult to see from a distance, but as soon as you get up close you’ll know you’re in the right spot.

- The first area, Under Junon, is a small town. There’s a minor weapon / item shop near the entrance, and… that’s all, really. Save outside town and heal up, as there’s no inn to use, then either equip your characters with long range weapons (Barret and Yuffie), the Long Ranged materia you found in Mythril Cave, or attack materia that does not strike the ground (Earth materia, basically). Then head down to the beach, to the southwest. Boss!


Ahh, what a lovely day at the beach. The magnificent Bottomswell is something of a fusion of Aps and Reno: it can summon up a huge wave to damage everyone on your team, and it can create an enclosure - a bubble, in this case - to prevent one of your characters from attacking. Unlike Reno’s Pyramid, however, Bottomswell’s bubble will slowly drain its target’s health - and you can only pop it with magic. Make sure you target the bubble, as it’s possible for your magic to pass right through and hit your character without popping the stupid bubble. Grr. Bottomswell is a flying opponent, meaning you can’t hit it with short range attacks; this, coupled with its bubble attack’s only weakness, makes magic rather a staple of this fight. Blast it down and heal as necessary. Not that hard, so long as you don’t let that stupid bubble kill one of your team members. Beating Bottomswell will earn you a Power Wrist.

- After Bottomswell croaks you’ll have to save Priscilla, the little girl, with a CPR mini game. Hit Square to start Cloud inhaling air, wait for the indicator on the handy lung infographic to rise into the red, and hit square again. Cloud will huff air into Priscilla. Do this several times (five breaths should do it) to revive Priscilla.

- Head to the house nearest the entrance after saving Priscilla to rest, then head to Priscilla’s home (the house with the long stairway) for a visit. Priscilla will give you the Shiva materia, then the party will ditch Cloud. He’ll have to sneak into Junon Harbor on his own.

- Follow Priscilla back to the beach. She’ll give you a Whistle to call up Mr. Dolphin, her aquatic buddy. You can use Mr. Dolphin to launch Cloud into the air by standing in the water and using the Whistle. By standing in the right spot - just below the bar, almost touching it from the camera’s perspective - you can shoot Cloud up and onto the girders above. Don’t move too close to the glowing water at the base of the electrical tower or Cloud will get fried.

- You’ll wind up on the airstrip of an enormous airship. Use the massive elevator nearby to get to ground level, then head away from the airport and make for the streets. You’ll only get so far…

- … before Cloud is hustled into a back room and shoved into a Shinra uniform, mistaken as he is for a soldier. You’ll be forced to march around a bit, trying to look professional; speak to the officer to leave. Use the save point outside if you want to guarantee some good prizes in the coming sections.

- Next up: a parade. You need to sneak into the rear ranks when the officer gives the signal, then step in march with the other soldiers and raise your rifle with the circle button, all in time with everybody else. Doing this properly will raise the event’s TV ratings. The higher the ratings, the better your prize. Get above 50% for 5,000 gil; get above 40% for six Ethers; get above 30% for six Potions; get anything below 30% for a Grenade.

- Back to the storage room. You now have to practice a series of military poses. This corresponds with an upcoming mini game, so get in a few practice rounds before you leave. Once the officer takes off you can explore Junon a little more freely.

- Head into the streets. In the first building, where a man’s yelling for your patronage, you’ll find a materia store. This is worth visiting for the Revive materia alone. Down the alley you’ll find a weapon shop, and in its basement is a hangout place for one of the members of the Turks. (No fighting required.) You’ll find an item shop in the next building down, and a 1/35 Soldier, a Mind Source, a Luck Source, a Power Source, and a Guard Source in the third building. If you speak to the soldier on the bottom floor of this last building you’ll find another Beginner’s Hall, similar to the one in the Sector 7 Slum, though with more advanced advice available. Check the floor for an Enemy Skill materia.

- Continue west and you’ll wind up on another street. The first building contains the rest of the Turks; the second building is an inn, has a kinda bleh materia shop on its second floor, and has an accessory shop on its third floor; the third building contains a Speed Source and a 1/35 Soldier; and the fourth building is another weapon shop, this one quite inferior to the one you visited earlier.

- Continue down this path and you’ll wind up in the group saluting Rufus as he gets on the ship. You need to perform, as before, to delight Rufus before he leaves. The better you do in matching the button presses in this section, the better the prize you’ll earn. Note that Rufus doesn’t seem to applaud your moves, no matter how accurate they may be, if you’re facing the wrong direction. An approval of 50 or less will earn you Silver Glasses; 51 to 99 will earn you an HP Plus; 100 or more points will get you a Force Stealer. The last is difficult to snag, but is a good weapon for Cloud at this point.

- Once Rufus and crony Heidegger leave, follow them onto the ocean transport. You’re ocean-bound.