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The Empire

- Welcome to the southern continent on the world map! The home of the Empire is probably the largest unbroken landmass that you can explore, and you’ll have to do it largely on foot. The monsters here tend towards physical endurance, and are weak against the magic you’ve slowly been learning since Zozo. Take advantage of this as you explore.

- In reality the only place you have to visit on the continent is the imperial capital of Vector, found, predictably, right in the middle of the landmass. There’s plenty else to see, though, and we’ll begin with…

- … the Blackjack! Yep, you can reenter Setzer’s ship after leaving. Here you can purchase items and restore your characters for free. This makes it a good place to level your characters, if you feel they’re a bit weak. Once you’re done looking around here, have a look at the town a few paces away from the ship.

- (Before going anywhere, reequip Celes. Everything she was carrying was removed during the Opera House sequence.)


- Though patrolled by imperial soldiers, Albrook is your standard town. It offers a decent array of items and equipment. I wouldn’t recommend upgrading here, however, as the other towns on the continent offer superior items if you’re willing to explore. You’ll find an Ether in the weapons’ shop, and two empty chests in the armour shop. Shrug?

- Also here is an Inn. Don’t use it. The Blackjack is free. You’ll find a Hi-Potion in a barrel outside the Inn.

- The Pub here contains a ton of off-duty imperial soldiers. Head east through here to find the quieter relic shop, in the back of which you’ll find a clock containing an Elixir.


- Head faaaaar to the north, past Vector (it’s difficult to miss) and up to the tip of the continent. Here you’ll find the small town of Tzen. There’s admittedly not a ton to do here right now besides look for new equipment and chat with people. (I personally found Tzen’s relics to be really good, if nothing else. Everybody is hasted!)


- A slightly larger town than Tzen, but still not that notable. Maranda has the best selection of equipment you’ll find on the continent, so if you’re going to upgrade your dudes, this is the place to do it.

- Check the boxes to the left of the entrance for Holy Water and the boxes on the east side of town for a Remedy. Nothing terribly special.

- Check the east-most house in Maranda. It’s owned by the girlfriend of the soldier who’s currently injured in Mobliz. Her dialogue will change whenever you orchestrate a delivery between the two. She’ll also be part of a side quest in the second half of the game, so keep this house in mind.

- All done? If you don’t feel like walking back to civilization, check the forests to the southeast of Maranda. There’s a hidden Chocobo Stable down here. Rent one to zip back to the centre of the continent.

- There’s another location on the eastern side of the continent, a small imperial base with ridiculous defences, though attempting to go through will get you kicked out. Not much point. Make tracks for Vector instead.