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- Immediately after getting the Falcon, Celes will spot a bird. It’ll fly off to Maranda, now relocated to the end of a thin stretch of land. Drop onto the ground and head in. The enemies in this area are very strong, so if you’re of an average level for this part of the game (30ish), don’t get into any random fights around here.

- Check the far left house in Maranda. The owner, Lola, girlfriend of the guard in Mobliz who was injured in the World of Balance, says she’s been receiving letters and silk flowers from her boyfriend. Read the letter, then agree to send a letter for Lola. Give it to the pigeon lingering outside the house and it will fly off to the north. Follow it…


- Yaaaaay, this dump again. Zozo has not changed one bit. Your destination is the mountain behind Zozo, but you need to get through a rusted door to get to it.

- Zozo is notorious for its population of liars. The only exception is the merchant who wanders outside the ‘Inn’. He’ll sell you Rust-Aid to get through the door for 1,000 gil. Buy some, then climb the Pub building to the top balcony and check the left door. The Rust-Aid will let you through.

Mt. Zozo

- The monsters in this area aren’t too difficult, but they are highly evasive. Either equip your attackers with a Sniper Eye or rely on special attacks / magic to maul your way through. Be especially careful of the Mugbears - they aren’t strong, but they will steal massive amounts of gil and try to run away. Jerks.

- Take a left, grab the Ice Shield from the nearby chest, then head south. On your way to the southern half of this cavern is a Red Cap. It curves west and back north. Along the way you’ll find a chest illuminated by a beam of light; it contains a Thunder Shield.

- Head north. There’s a chest along the way containing an Aegis Shield, and through the doorway ahead is a Gold Hairpin. Head northeast from here to find an outdoor pathway leading to an adjacent cave.

- Near a save point in this passage is a switch. If you touch it you’ll release the Storm Dragon, one of the Eight Dragons in the World of Ruin that constitute a lengthy side quest. If you came to Mt. Zozo just after getting the Falcon and are at a normal level (30ish) I do not recommend fighting this thing. It’s possibly the most painful of the Dragons.

- Follow the southern path out and into a small cave that’s quite lived-in. To the right you’ll find a familiar face, and once he’s done being embarrassed Cyan will rejoin your party. Once he’s back with you, check the precipice where you found him to find the key to Cyan’s treasure chest, then use it on the chest to find… some… questionable Books. They’re of no use whatsoever.