Celes finds Sabin holding up a damaged house of Tzen, a quick dungeon in Final Fantasy VI.
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Tzen - Weapon Shop
  • Flametongue (7,000 gil)
  • Icebrand (7,000 gil)
  • Thunderblade (7,000 gil)
  • Kaiser Knuckle (1,000 gil)
  • Venom Claws (2,500 gil)
  • Burning Fist (10,000 gil)

  • Tzen - Armor Shop
  • Golden Shield (2,500 gil)
  • Tiger Mask (2,500 gil)
  • Beret (3,500 gil)
  • Golden Helmet (4,000 gil)
  • Power Sash (5,000 gil)
  • Golden Armor (10,000 gil)

  • Tzen - Item Shop
  • Hi-Potion (300 gil)
  • Ether (1,500 gil)
  • Phoenix Down (500 gil)
  • Eyedrops (50 gil)
  • Echo Herbs (120 gil)
  • Green Cherry (150 gil)
  • Holy Water (300 gil)
  • Sleeping Bag (500 gil)
  • Super Ball (10,000 gil)

  • Tzen - Relic Shop
  • Barrier Ring (500 gil)
  • Mythril Glove (700 gil)
  • Jeweled Ring (1,000 gil)
  • Knight's Code (1,000 gil)
  • Sprint Shoes (1,500 gil)
  • Gigas Glove (5,500 gil)
  • Earrings (5,000 gil)
  • Reflect Ring (6,000 gil)

  • Sabin is the only character you can optionally recruit before finding the Falcon in the World of Ruin, and he’s the second character you can recruit based on where you land. Doing so is much more difficult with just Celes on your team; by contrast, it’s an absolute cakewalk if you bring along Mog, equipped with Molulu’s Charm.

    You’ll find Sabin in Tzen, almost directly north of Albrook, past Kefka’s Tower. As soon as you enter the town Tzen comes under attack, and the large house in the north - the one you were never allowed to enter before - will start to come down. Sabin is holding the house up, so he can’t help you save the child trapped inside. You have six minutes to get the kid out.

    Celes rushes through the collapsing house in Tzen, a short, timed dungeon in Final Fantasy VI.

    Collapsing House - Enemies
  • Scorpion - 290 HP - Drops Potion
  • Nightwalker - 265 HP - Weak to Fire, Holy, Healing - Absorbs Instant Death
  • Zokka - 305 HP - Weak to Water - Drops Teleport Stone

  • The collapsing house is, of course, now populated by monsters. Most of them are pushovers, the main exception being Zokkas. They’re not terribly strong, but they can inflict Petrify on your characters. This is very dangerous if you only have Celes on your team. Equip a Jeweled Ring on her as a minimum, preferably a Ribbon, to protect against Petrify. Attacks that hit every enemy are preferable for breezing through this area, since the monsters are quite weak. If you cast Fira on every enemy you should breeze through most battles.

    Celes rescues a stranded child inside the Collapsing House in Final Fantasy VI.

    Make your way west through the home, looking for the stairs to the basement. Ignore the chests along the way until you’ve grabbed the child from the fireplace in the basement. Then, depending on how much time you have left, start popping open chests on your way back out of the house. They contain the following items: 
    • The chest to the left of the child contains a battle with four Nightwalkers, which you can ignore if you want 
    • The chest to the right of the child contains a Magicite Shard 
    • The chest in the bottom-left corner of the basement contains a Blood Sword
    • The chest at the top of the stairs on the ground floor contains another Nightwalker fight that you can ignore
    • The chest through the southern door contains a Hyper Wrist
    • The chest through the northern door contains an Ether
    • The chest in the central room contains a Holy Rod
    • The chest in the home’s first room contains a Healing Rod
    Get outside with the kid within six minutes and the house collapses, crushing any items you didn't collect. (Don't stress over losing anything, you can get every item elsewhere in the game.) Sabin rejoins the party once you leave the house, and he'll come in particularly useful if Celes is still wandering around on her own.