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(Note: If you did not save Shadow from the Floating Continent, you must first travel to the Cave of the Veldt to rescue Relm. This small part of the quest is found in the previous section of the walkthrough. If you did save Shadow you can complete this quest at any time after you obtain the Falcon.)

Owzer’s Mansion

- Head to Jidoor, which is still the western-most town on the world map. You’ll find Owzer’s Mansion in the same place as ever, sitting in the far north of town.

- The Mansion is dark, and if you try to climb the stairs to the art gallery you’ll be pushed back. Check the diary on the table near the stairs to learn about a lamp, then turn the lamp on the wall on. This will allow you to climb the stairs unmolested.

- The pictures in the art gallery will now, in some cases, come to life and attack you if inspected. You can check Emperor Gestahl’s picture to find the Emperor’s Letter, a clue to another side quest, then check the female painting in the bottom-left corner for a battle. It leads into the basement of the Mansion.

- Below the random battles will begin, though aside from some evasiveness the enemies aren’t too difficult at all. In the first larger room you’ll have to pass by a painting of a chair; if you move too close you’ll get caught in a battle. Check the left door beyond the painting to find a Moogle Suit, then go through the right door.

- There are three doors ahead that open and close in sequence. Check the passage behind these doors to find a hidden Lich Ring, then go through the first door on the left when it opens.

- In this next room you’ll find four floating treasure chests. Step beneath them and they’ll fall down on your head, precipitating a battle. They contain a Potion, a Gold Needle, and an inconsequential amount of gil. In short, feel free to avoid ‘em. Check the picture of armour to fight a Still Life, a creature that counters every attack with Doom, and kill it to find a door.

- Beyond is a save point. Use it, then continue north through the far door. It leads to Owzer’s study, where you’ll find both Owzer and Relm. Speak to Owzer to trigger a battle.


Another tricksy boss, Chadarnook has two faces. The first you see, a lovely female, is easily the more painful of the two. She can irreparably confuse one of your characters for a short while, as well as put your whole party to sleep, and her counterattack hits everyone for a rather painful amount of damage. The second face, that of a demon, swaps in lightning-based spells that can be rather painful - and he can inflict doom status on your party. Ouch. You’ll only see one face at a time, which is a mercy.

Chadarnook counts as a single creature, but the two faces have their own HP scores. That said, you can only kill the demon. Attacking the woman is a waste of time. Hold back and heal yourself whenever the girl is around, then blast the crap out of the demon when it shows its face. The demon is weak to fire-elemental attacks, likely to be common in your team, as well as holy-elemental attacks which only Sabin and his Aura Cannon will be likely to exploit. Continue this back-and-forth until Chadarnook dies. He has a fair amount of health, so be prepared for a lengthy battle between his HP and his back-and-forth nature.

- Defeating Chadarnook will earn you the Lakshmi magicite. Relm will also rejoin your party.

Cultists’ Tower

- This next step is easy. Put Relm in your party and travel to the Serpent Trench in the east. A ways south of Nikeah, in the midst of a mountain range, is the Cultists’ Tower. Climbing the Tower right now is probably not wise (unless you possess a lot of magic), but you’ll find Strago wandering in a daze at the base. Relm will happily knock him out of his stupor and he’ll rejoin your party.