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- In the wake of the Battle of Narshe you’ll wind up in Arvis’s house. After a quick cut scene you’ll have to go looking for Terra in the wide world, and to do that you’ll require a party of explorers. Normally you would bring four along, though if you want to recruit a familiar (though unreliable) face you should only put three members in your party. Locke is a good choice, as he has some extra dialogue in a new village if you bring him along, and Edgar and Sabin will feature in a cut scene if they’re together. Return to Arvis’s house if you wish to change party members.

- You can now explore Narshe without being booted out. This includes the ability to purchase items, weapons, and armour. Don’t bother sleeping at the Inn - there’s a free bed in the weapon shop’s basement.

- Check the elder’s house (far west side of town) for a clock / Elixir combo, then look in the small shack on the east side of town, atop the cliffs. Inside you’ll find a slew of chests containing 5,000 gil, a Thief’s Knife, an Earring, a Reflect Ring, a Thief’s Bracer, and a Hyper Wrist. There’s a locked chest in here that will figure into a future quest.

- That’s all for Narshe. Leave town and head to Figaro Castle, which has since resurfaced. If you have Edgar and Sabin in your party and spend a night here you’ll see a cut scene regarding their past. Check with the merchants in the castle and you’ll find three two new Tools for sale: Flash and Drill. Drill at least is worth the price.

- Speak to the man in the basement of Figaro Castle. He’ll grant you passage to Kohlingen, a village to the west. Agree to be shuttled to a new part of the world map.

- The area surrounding Kohlingen is full of state-of-the-art beasties. The only ones that really require much detail are Fossil Dragons, found in the desert surrounding Kohlingen. They are not only hideously strong, they can zombify your team members. Considering the rather meh rewards from killing one, you may as well just avoid the desert.

- Before entering Kohlingen, head north. There’s a small house up here, owned by a warmongering fellow who will feature into an important side area late in the game. Check the pots in the house for a Hero’s Ring before leaving for Kohlingen.


- Small time life. Like most villages, Kohlingen offers the usual range of merchant services, including some slightly stronger arms and armour than what you found in Narshe.

- One of the houses in Kohlingen is burnt to a cinders. Ouch.

- If Locke is in the party, visit the top left and top right homes in Kohlingen. Both offer snippets of his back story. The top left house contains a clock with an Elixir inside (noticing the pattern?), while you can find a Green Beret in the top right house if you go in through the back door.

- Last, have a look at the Inn / Pub. Here, as you may expect, you can sleep. You can also recruit Shadow here, as he’s sitting in the Pub. He’ll ask for 3,000 gil for his services, though he won’t even offer if you have four people in the party. Shadow may leave your party at any point, and he will automatically leave if you approach Narshe, so he’s not the best purchase in the world.

- All done? Head south from Kohlingen. After a long walk that will eventually bring new (but still fairly easy) enemies to your attention, you’ll arrive at a new city.


- Slightly more metropolitan than Kohlingen, Jidoor nevertheless doesn’t give you a heck of a lot to do. You can check the chocobo stable if you want a steed…

- … the weapon and armour shops for yet slightly better equipment…

- … the Auction House for, well, nothing, at least not yet…

- … and Owzer’s Mansion in the north for an Ether, found in a yellow pot near the man inside. You’ll return here a few times, but it’s no use right now.

- That’s all for Jidoor for now. Your next destination is far to the northeast of Jidoor, along the mountain range that cuts this continent in half. If you want to preserve your health - not a bad idea - you can grab a chocobo to ease your trip. Next stop: Zozo.