The team sails from Summers to Scaraba in EarthBound.
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- After collecting two more Your Sanctuary locations, return to Summers and head for the town of Toto in the east. Check along the docks until you find a sailor, the husband of the Magic Cake maker. Grateful for your help in rejuvenating his wife, he’ll offer to take you to Scaraba for $80. Don’t set to sea weakened, becauuuuuuse…

The party battles the Kraken, a boss in EarthBound.


This is a quick, brutal battle. The Kraken can inflict mass amounts of damage, and it’s almost not even worth trying to heal. Instead, use every moment to hurt the thing. PSI Freeze attacks, PSI Rockin, and Bottle Rockets will mash the thing in a few rounds, and hopefully in the meantime you won’t take too much return damage. Fortunately, it doesn’t have much HP, and PSI Freeze may get lucky and still the beast for a turn, wasting its attacks.

The party explores Scaraba, a desert town in EarthBound.


- At the end of the trip, assuming you survive, you’ll wind up in Scaraba. Similar to the Dusty Dunes Desert in that you can get a sunstroke for staying on hot patches for too long, Scaraba is nevertheless fairly hospitable. It’s also one of the few towns where you will not fight any enemies within its walls.

- The first building on your left, noticeably whiter than the rest, is a Hospital. You may need to use it after that trip. One building south is the Hotel, and inside you’ll find an arms merchant for Jeff.

- In the east of town is a market. Here you can purchase items and equipment. Of note is the Piggy Nose, which will allow you to track down Magic Truffles later in the game. You may want to grab a few Wet Towels for trekking through the desert while you’re here.

- Pokey left something gross for you in the northeast. Yay!

The party stands outside the Pyramid of Scaraba in EarthBound.

- South of Scaraba is, well, the desert. The enemies out here somewhat resemble the creatures from Dusty Dunes Desert, though upgraded a touch:
  • Great Crested Bookas are better at lowering your stats than inflicting damage. They’re more dangerous fighting with other enemies.
  • Dread Skelpions combine the threat of poison with PSI Thunder, something of a surprise. PSi Freeze will kill ‘em easy.
  • Beautiful UFOs
  • High-class UFOs are evasive little creeps that are good at increasing their defences. PSI is ideal.
  • Master Criminal Worms are high-experience creatures that will always try to flee from you. If you can manage to corner one against a tree you can kill it without a fight and net sooooooo much swag. Don’t get into a fight with one accidentally. They’re very tough if you fight them normally.
- There’s not much to see in the desert outside Scaraba besides a hint dude against a pyramid to the south and a guy who sells Bottles of DXwater, so head southwest across the sands until you see a sphinx. The sphinx is tied to the clue you gleaned from your visit to Summers’ Museum. You need to step on the tiles in front of the sphinx in the proper order - namely, top, bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right, top. Do it correctly to open the pyramid to the north. (And get a photo op.)

The party explores the Pyramid in EarthBound.


- The Pyramid, though relatively short, is populated by a bunch of new enemies that are quite deadly if you don’t take them out quickly. Most of them come off of the walls at you, so be careful:
  • Fierce Shattered Men are powerful physical attackers. They’re best mauled with PSI Freeze before they can rip you apart.
  • Guardian Hieroglyphs are PSI attackers who specialize in Thunder. If you get lucky the Franklin Badge can wipe them out for you; if not, physical attacks are reasonably good. PSI Fire is also decent.
  • Arachnids!!! poison your team. They’re not quite as dangerous as Asps, however.
  • Lethal Asp Hieroglyphs, predictably, can poison you. Their bites are quite horrible, and they should be PSI Freezed.
  • Petrified Royal Guards are quasi-bosses, though if you have lots of PSI you can Freeze them before they get a chance to attack. Otherwise be prepared for some physical hurtin’.

- Follow the path through the Pyramid, which, frankly, is as straightforward as they get. Along the way you’ll find a Viper, a Speed Capsule, and a Cup of Lifenoodles. Once you reach the ‘end’ of the line, you’ll find an enemy blocking your way.

The party battles the Guardian General, a boss inside the Pyramid in EarthBound.

Guardian General

Remember those Petrified Royal Guards you’ve been killing so far? The Guardian General is pretty much the same thing, though a little bit stronger. Aside from occasionally draining your PP, it will bash you about with physical attacks. Raise your defences and go at him with PSI Freeze. The Guardian General has somewhat low HP compared to other bosses, and won’t take too long to kill… assuming you aren’t forced to kill it with physical attacks.

- Beyond the Guardian General you’ll find one other room. Inside is a Rain Pendant and a conspicuous floor panel. Step on the panel and something elsewhere will move. Head back through the pyramid and an equally-conspicuous sarcophagus you passed earlier will have shifted out of place, revealing a hole. Hop through.

- In the room below you’ll find the Hawk Eye. Grab it off of the platform and put it in any inventory besides Poo’s. Head through the right room, keep climbing, and check the casket in the next room for a Diamond Band. Drop through the next hole and keep going until you emerge from the pyramid, where, to your incredible annoyance, Poo will leave the party. That didn't take long...