The party discovers the Dungeon Man, a dungeon / man hybrid in EarthBound.
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Dungeon Man

- After Poo leaves the party you’ll be back in the desert, and, like the desert to the north of here, there’s very little to see. Speak to the tribal warrior up and to the left of the Pyramid’s exit for the Key to the Tower, and speak to the other dude nearby for an array of arms. Hopefully you have enough cash. This area is patrolled by previous enemies and the Marauder Octobot, a fairly standard robotic foe.

- Leave the small oasis and wander northeast. There’s a large, humanoid structure up here. Use the Key you just got on its base to head inside.

- Dungeon Man is a weeeeeird dungeon, consisting largely of enemies you’ve already fought, some convenient services, and… signs. Lots and lots of signs. To your left from the entrance you’ll find a phone, a bench where you can rest, an ATM, and a doctor’s office. Handy!

- Take a right and head to the east wall. Straight north is a Molokheiya Soup. The pathway next to it leads up to a bench. Head left from here and you’ll hit a dead end where you’ll find a Cup of Lifenoodles.

The party explores Dungeon Man, a curated dungeon in EarthBound.

- Return to the lower level and take a left. The path winds to another ramp; a present here contains $5. Woo. Go up the ramp. To your right is a Snake; straight ahead is a Super Plush Bear.

- Backtrack to ground level and go north. You’ll find four ropes. The third from the left leads onward; the other three go nowhere. Head south to an open area, then take a left to find $10. Return to the right wall and head left until you hit an intersection, then go north. Up the next rope you’ll find two presents in plain sight (Sudden Guts Pill, Pizza), a PSI Caramel in the far north, and yet another rope.

- In the south of this next room you’ll find a bench and a present containing a Wet Towel. Go up the rope in the middle from here and you’ll find Dungeon Man’s true face, one you may recognize. After speaking to him, drop through the hole to the south (there’s an IQ Capsule as you drop) and you’ll eventually find your way out of Dungeon Man. He’ll then follow you around, helping you in battle. He’s quite a combatant…

The party explores Dungeon Man in EarthBound.

- … but he doesn’t last long. Head southeast, towards the coast, and you’ll hit a set of trees that will entrap Dungeon Man. He’s now stuck. Sadness. Head east from here and you’ll find another tribal warrior who will tell you of a place across the river called Deep Darkness. He says you need a submarine…

- … and Dungeon Man has one. Reenter the dungeon, make your way back up to the top, then take the hole at the end of the southern passage. This hole will drop you down to a Talisman Ribbon, a phone, and a collection of vehicles. Inspect the submarine to trigger a cut scene that will take you out of Dungeon Man and off to Deep Darkness.