The party arrives at Deep Darkness, a spooky outdoor area in EarthBound.
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Deep Darkness

- Upon arrival at Deep Darkness you’ll find an odd, bird-powered phone nearby. Just south of here is a free Hotel, offered by a monkey. The monkey is just part of a small colony, located on the high ground to your right. You’ll have to go through deep, dark blue water to get there; note that you’ll take damage when travelling in dark water, and should avoid it when possible.

- Beyond an arms dealer you’ll find a few things of note. The monkey on the far right will give you a Monkey’s Love if you teach him how to Teleport, and if you speak to the well-dressed man nearby he’ll offer you some purchasing services. You can also us him to communicate with the nearby doctor.

- If you have a Pig Nose you can use it to locate Magic Truffles in Deep Darkness. There’s one behind the tree near the arms dealer, and if you backtrack a bit you can find one back to the west and behind a tree. It’s the lower tree in the deep water, just north of a fallen log.

The party wades into the swamps of Deep Darkness in EarthBound.

- If you head south of the monkey colony you’ll hit the deep darkness of Deep Darkness. You’ll be wallowing in the dark here until you use the Hawk Eye. Do so and daylight will pierce the darkness. From this point on you’ll start running into enemies:
  • Even Slimier Little Piles like status ailments but don’t have a ton of HP. Use PSI before they can muck with you.
  • Big Piles of Puke are Master Belch lookalikes, and they fight pretty much the same. PSI Freeze is a staple.
  • Zap Eels use Thunder attacks. Pretty much what you’d expect. They have little HP.
  • Hard Crocodiles are heavy-hitting physical attackers with high HP, similar to their lesser ilk in other areas. PSI Freeze is your friend.
  • Hostil Elder Oaks live only on land. They’re hard physical attackers that explode into flames upon defeat, inflicting a lot of damage. Always save them for last.
  • Pit Bull Slugs also only like on land. They’re pretty weak, and easy to kill with physical attacks.

- South of the arms dealer and back in light water you’ll find a present containing a Banana. Continue south and, in the next patch of blue water, you’ll find a snorkelling dude who offers ATM services. You have to pay him 100% interest to take any money out, though, and you really shouldn’t use this guy unless you have no other choice.

The party discovers Pokey's crashed helicopter in Deep Darkness, a location in EarthBound.

- Wander through the swamp to the south and then northwest until you find a large tree jutting out of dark water. Go more or less west from here to find two presents, one containing a Beef Jerky and the other an IQ Capsule. The photographer will snap your picture when you approach the IQ Capsule. Scan the northern tree line and you’ll find a Magic Truffle hidden in a small dip in the trees.

- Head southeast, continuing to follow the path. Eventually you’ll find a familiar vehicle, quite crashed. Near it is a Cup of Lifenoodles. West of here is a large underwater section; a short trip northwest of the large, central tree on the left will find you another Magic Truffle, up against the surrounding trees.

- Head onto land. If you go down and left you’ll find a Souvenir Coin. Backtrack west (there’s nothing directly north of the present) and wander north until you hit a four-way intersection in the water. Go north to find a Rock Candy, then return to the intersection and go east. A familiar face is waiting.

The party battles Master Barf, the evolved form of Master Belch in EarthBound.

Master Barf

He’s baaaaaack. Barf is pretty similar to his original incarnation, using a variety of status ailments and physical attacks to knock you around. He can also call for help, always annoying, and unlike before, Fly Honey will not help you. Your tactics should be no different from last time: have Paula use PSI Freeze to damage and, hopefully, freeze Barf temporarily while your other party members attack normally (or Jeff with Bottle Rockets). Eventually Poo will show up and help you end the battle, showcasing his new ability at the same time. You’ll receive a Casey Bat for beating Master Barf.

- Once Belch / Barf is gone and Poo is back in the party, wade north until you hit the trees. There’s a tree beside the shallow water on your left that’s a hiding place for one final Magic Truffle. Continue west from here to find dry land, as well as a small cave full of terribly shy creatures.

The party enters Tenda Village, a simple little location in EarthBound.

Tenda Village

- This little area is full of Tendas, friendly folk who are very shy. They won’t tell you a danged thing if you speak to them. You can solve this, but not right now.

- There’s not a ton to see here right now. South of the entrance is a can containing a Death Ray, and to the west is a humble Inn. A hot spring here will restore any status ailments. Speak to the Tenda with the moustache to learn about a book that can fix shyness, then leave the Village.

- Upon leaving the Tenda Village you’ll get a call from Apple Kid. Something bad will happen. It’s off to Winters to discover what’s happened.