The party stands outside the Gold Mine in EarthBound.
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Gold Mine

- After checking out the Topolla Theatre in Fourside and getting the skinny on the Runaway Five’s money woes, head back to Dusty Dunes Desert. Have a look at the dig site you passed earlier, where you gave a man something to eat.

- A hole! The dig site is much bigger, and populated by a large number of onlookers. Speak to the dude with the cart for some basic supplies, then enter the hole. You’ll find the digger Montague inside, and he’ll explain the situation: his Gold Mine is populated by five evil moles, each obsessed with being third. You’ll need to wipe out the three moles so he can continue digging.

The party battles one of the Guardian Diggers, masters of the Gold Mine in EarthBound.

- The Gold Mine is a maze, and populated by some tough enemies who may prove quite annoying:
  • Noose Men are fairly standard attackers. They’re largely dangerous because they appear in large numbers. PSI Fire is good at getting rid of large numbers of these things.
  • Thirsty Coil Snakes are quite painful enemies who love to poison your characters. Eliminate ‘em quickly with PSI Freeze.
  • Gigantic Ants have painful bites, but they can be most annoying when they steal your PP. Physical attacks are lacking on these beasts, so rely on PSI.
  • The Guardian Diggers themselves are quite powerful, but they’re not quite bosses, either. The key here is not to hit them with physical attacks, as their power shields will reflect your attacks back. Use Paula’s PSI Freeze to take them out while Ness heals and Jeff tosses in extra support.

The party faces down a Guardian Digger, one of five bosses of the Gold Mine in EarthBound.

- Take the first tunnel almost straight north until you find a ladder. At the bottom and to the left you’ll meet the first of the moles. Take it out, then check its little den for an IQ Capsule.

- Go up one of the two ladders in this small tunnel, then head back south to the intersection from earlier. Carry on south and follow the looping corridor as it curves north. You’ll find a Big Bottle Rocket along the way.

- At the next intersection in the north and to the left you’ll find the Exit Mouse family, and grabbing an Exit Mouse for this dungeon is an excellent idea. Also here is a Picnic Lunch and a Croissant.

- This little area is a four-way intersection. If you follow the northern path you’ll find a Secret Herb down a passage to the right, and in the north you’ll find the second mole and a Guts Capsule. If you follow the southern path, which leads you a long ways west, you’ll find a Bomb, the third mole, a Luck Capsule, and a Platinum Band. Both paths are dead ends.

The party finds a present in the Gold Mine, a dungeon in EarthBound.

- Take a left and go south. There’s a ladder partway down this path that leads to a Super Bomb. Back up the ladder and to the west is the fourth mole, guarding a PSI Caramel.

- Backtrack to the intersection, then head north. Go right at the next intersection to find a Teddy Bear, then double back and carry on north to find a ladder. At the bottom is an eastbound passage that leads to a Calorie Stick, the final mole, and the Coin of Defence it guards. The ladder nearest the mole will take you to a passage connected to the Exit Mouse room.

- Once all five moles are destroyed the Gold Mine will be cleared of enemies. Speak to Montague and head out - you’ll be photographed as you leave - and head back towards Fourside. Make sure you have at least a single space in your inventory, as Montague’s assistant will approach you on the bridge and give you a Diamond. If your inventory is full he’ll go back to the Gold Mine, and you’ll have to trek after him to get it.

The Runaway Five play one of their final performances in EarthBound.

- Head to the Topolla Theatre, buy a ticket to see the Runaway Five, and visit the theatre’s manager. Give her the Diamond (again behind the desk) and she’ll set the Runaway Five free. Watch their final show, then take off yourself.