The party crosses the bridge into Fourside, the fourth major location in EarthBound.
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- Ahhhh, the big city. Though they’re somewhat rare, there are a few new enemies to fight in Fourside, most of them appearing on the outskirts:
  • Annoying Revelers hit hard, but they waste their turns quite often. The easiest enemies in Fourside.
  • Extra Cranky Ladies are basically Annoying Revelers with a lower defence but a much greater chance of actually using their turns to hurt you. Still not that difficult overall.
  • Mad Taxis can make you cry, hit very hard, and have a fair sum of HP. Use PSI to kill ‘em quickly.
  • Crazed Signs are fair weaklings that rely on status attacks. If you get one alone it will get thrashed pretty easily. In groups you’ll want to take these first before they can stunt your characters.

- Time to explore. You’ll find a Hotel to the northwest when you hit the first intersection in Fourside. To the northeast of this same intersection is the Topolla Theatre, where, once again, the Runaway Five are in debt to a greedy manager. In the grassy area between the buildings on this block you’ll find the Hint Man hanging out near some trees.

The party walks near the entrance of the Monotoli Building, a fixture of Fourside in EarthBound.

- In the far north you’ll find Jackie’s Cafe, which will be important later. Northeast of the Cafe is the local Hospital. Neither are terribly remarkable at the moment.

- Southeast of the Hospital is the Monotoli Building. If you go to the top floor you’ll find a familiar baddie waiting, and you’ll get kicked out of his presence. (Nice suit.) Not much to see here. Next to the Monotoli Building is the Department Store, which, right now, is closed. Once it’s open again - soon! - you can go inside and purchase all manner of items. Northeast through these buildings you’ll hit a blind alley, within which a man sells a variety of items suited for Jeff.

- In the far south is the Bakery. If you found the Contact Lens in Dusty Dunes Desert you can trade it here for Dirty Socks. Shrug?

- In the middle of town is Fourside’s Museum. You can pay $5 per person ($15 right now) to look inside and see the exhibits. There’s not much point in doing so, but, as with every damned place in Fourside, you’ll enter this place eventually.

- If you haven’t already, see the Runaway Five’s show at the Topolla Theatre for $30. Speak to them in their dressing room, then speak to the Topolla Theatre’s owner in the office on the left in the lobby. Speaking to her will trigger the next event…

- … which is not in Fourside. City seemed a little useless, didn’t it? No worries, you’ll be returning here shortly. Head back towards Dusty Dunes Desert.