A KOed Dinossom in Palworld.

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The vast lands of Palworld are filled with dangers, are you're going to get knocked out more than a few times as you learn the ropes of the game. Once you get into a fight with high-level Pals they will knock you around the block if you don't take fights seriously. You're not the only person on your team who can get KOed, though - your Pals can, too. It's your job to bring them back to life.

This guide will teach you how to deal with a knocked-out Pal in Palworld. First, though, let's discuss how a Pal can get knocked out, and exactly what happens.

An Incapacitated Pengullet in Palworld.

Knockng Out a Pal

When you knock out a Pal it will collapse onto the ground and ragdoll around comically for a bit, eventually disappearing. This typically happens when you deplete the Pal's HP from hitting it with a weapon. Your Pals can suffer the same fate, however, and it's usually because they got conked on the head one too many times when fighting something nasty.

Once a Pal gets knocked out it immediately returns to its Pal Sphere. If the Pal was in your party this means it disappears from combat, and you may want to deploy a replacement so you aren't fighting solo. Inspect the Party menu of the main menu and you'll notice that your Pal is now devoid of HP, and its profile has the 'Incapacitated' tag.

Unconscious Pals can't be deployed into the field until they're revived. They won't come back on their own, either, so you'll need to do the job. Note that Pals which aren't in your active party can also get knocked out - you may occasionally find Pals assigned to your base unconscious, as well, perhaps because of an enemy raid or some other mishap.

An Incapacitated Hoocrates in Palworld.

Reviving a Pal

Fortunately, bringing a Pal back to life is pretty simple. It is, however, time-consuming. Take the Pal back to one of your bases and place it inside the Palbox. This will trigger a ten-minute timer on its icon, and when that timer runs its course your Pal will return to life, ready to be deployed. (Of course, you'll have to head back to the Palbox and do the deploying manually.)

Note that the Pal to be revived must be placed in one of the Boxes in your Palbox. If you try to place it in the 'Pals at the base' section, at the bottom of the menu, the Pal won't come back to lfe. It will only heal inside a Box. Note that revived Pals are not restored to full HP when they're revived, and you should give them some time to recover before sending them back into battle.

The player encounters an Elphidran, a powerful Dragon-type Pal in Palworld.

Preventing a KOed Pal

Ideally you want to avoid having your Pals unconscious altogether. Here are some tips for avoiding this fate:

  • Watch your active Pal's HP when it's fighting. The green HP bar of your Pal is displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen, and if it's about to run out you should pull the Pal back into its Pal Sphere.
  • Don't attack Pals that are way above your level range. By no means should you send out a Pal to tackle a level 30 boss monster when you and your Pals are only around level 10 or so. Know when to retreat.
  • Give your Pal a bit of a break. That goes for your character, as well. If you stay out of fights for a while everyone's HP will slowly build back up to full.
  • Stock up on Medical Supplies. You can create Medical Supplies at a Medieval Medicine Workbench, a level 12 Technology. Keep a few of these on hand, and use them when your Pal is suffering from injuries.
The Palbox in Palworld, after a Dinossom rampage. Yeesh.

Oh, and one last suggestion: Avoid the temptation to have your Pals attack a high-level Pal that may wander into your base. Yes, they stand a good chance of winning with sheer numbers, but... you'll probably have to send a lot of them to the hospital in the aftermath. (Such as the image above. One Dinossom took out five Pals! Yikes.)

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