A Great Eagle statue in Palworld.

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The setting of Palworld is an expansive chain of lands, sprawling outward from your starting point in a variety of directions. You need to cover a lot of ground to get anywhere, and doing this on foot - or, hopefully, by Glider - can take a lot of time. Fortunately for you, the developers saw fit to include a Fast Travel system in Palworld, and you can put it to use almost immediately.

This guide will take you how to use Fast Travel in Palworld. If you're just starting out you probably won't want to stray too far from your starting base, given how strong later-game Pals become, but once you're confident that you can go traveling Fast Travel is an indispensible function of the game.

An inactive Great Eagle statue in Palworld.

When you start a new game of Palworld you'll begin near a glowing, orange statue with an elegant-looking Great Eagle on top. This is a Fast Travel point, and if you inspect the base of the statue you can activate it. This will turn the statue from orange to blue. At this point you've added the Great Eagle statue to your Fast Travel network. Activating one of these statues also earns you one Technology Point.

Look out at the surrounding landscape. The chances are good that you'll see another Great Eagle statue somewhere in the distance - or, at least, the orange light surrounding the statue. This is another Fast Travel point, and unfortunately you'll have to take the difficult route of physically traveling to the statue before you can activate it. Great Eagle statues tend to be placed in distinct areas, so if you head out to find one you'll probably wind up finding a bunch of new Pals, NPCs, resources, and other stuff waiting.

The map screen in Palworld.

Once you have two Fast Travel points unlocked you can begin moving between them. Alas, you can't just open the world map (Select button / M key) and choose a point. You need to approach a Great Eagle statue, interact with it, and choose where you want to go from there. Try to keep your distance from a Fast Travel point in mind before you go exploring, as you'll either have to find another one to get home... or just hoof it back, which can prove deadly if your character is injured.

Bases count as Fast Travel points, and if you interact with your Palbox you can use it to Fast Travel anywhere else, as if it was another Great Eagle statue. For this reason you may want to set bases up away from existing Fast Travel points, which further expands your options when zipping around the map.

Looking for more Fast Travel points? There are two ways two find them as you explore:
  • First, consult the map. If you come within walking distance of one it will appear on the map as a grey Great Eagle. Reorient yourself and head towards it.
  • Second, have a look at the rangefinder at the top of the screen. It notes nearby locations of importance, including Great Eagle statues - whether you've activated them or not. Move around until you see an eagle icon and start walking.