The crafting screen for Ingots, an important resource in Palworld.

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When you begin a new game of Palworld you'll need nothing more than Wood and Stone for the first little while, with maybe a dash or two of Paldium. You can't work with Stone Age tools forever, though, and eventually you'll need to craft yourself some metal objects. This is where Ingots come into play. You'll use them to craft a lot of things in Palworld, so you'd best acquaint yourself with their construction.

This guide will teach you how to smelt Ingots in Palworld. You won't be able to do it right away, so you can hold off on the first step of this process until you reach level 9 or 10. This will probably take a few hours of gametime, especially during your initial playthrough.

A Primitive Furnace, a necessary structure for progression to metal items in Palworld.

Step 1 - Building a Primitive Furnace

In order to craft Ingots you'll need a Primitive Furnace. Primitive Furnaces are a level 10 Technology, hence why it takes a little while to get to this point. You need three materials to construct a Primitive Furnace once you've reached level 10:
  • 20 Wood
  • 50 Stone
  • 3 Flame Organs
The Wood and the Stone you can figure out on your own. The Flame Organs, on the other hand, require some combat with Pals. You're most likely to get them from Foxparks, a Fire-type, foxy Pal that should spawn relatively close to your base. 

You can find Foxparks active at any time of the day, but their fiery tails make them especially easy to spot at night. Swoop in and defeat a few of them to get your Flame Organs. Foxparks are a bit elusive, so unless you get the literal drop on one you'll probably have to chase your quarry down for a little while. Just make sure you catch one in the process, because you'll need a Pal with the Kindling Work Suitability trait to run the Primitive Furnace.

A heap of Ore in Palworld. Ore is needed to craft Ingots.

Step 2 - Harvesting Ore

As you explore there's a greater-than-good chance that you'll find big, shiny piles of metal. These are Ore deposits, and you need to mine them for Ore to make your Ingots. Ore deposits are quite a bit tougher than plain ol' rocks, so make sure you bring a Stone Pickaxe along to break up the rocks. Trying to harvest Ore with your bare fists takes a long time.

It's worth mentioning that Ore is quite heavy, weight 5 Weight per chunk of Ore. Make sure you clear out your inventory before you go excavating, so you can bring back a large haul of the stuff.

A Foxpark works on smelting some Ore into Ingots in Palworld. Normally the Foxparks would breathe fire into the Primitive Furnace, but... you know. Poor placement.

Step 3 - Making Ingots

We're ready to go. Now all you need to do is make the Ingots. Put in the order at the Primitive Furnace, then step away. Assuming you have a Pal ready that possesses the Kindling trait - again, likely to be Foxparks - they will quickly step in and smelt the Ore into Ingots for you. This is not a job you can handle yourself, since your character lacks fiery breath, so go find something else to do for a while.

Once you have your Ingots you can put them to use in a variety of ways, though the most likely use for Ingots at this point in the game is creating second-tier tools, such as Metal Axes and Metal Pickaxes. These will speed up your resource-harvesting quite a bit. You can also make Nails with Ingots, which, alongside Ingots themselves, go into a looooot of craftable items. Get used to harvesting Ore on a regular basis. Have fun!