Main Walkthrough

The little people you guide in Pioneers of Pagonia may be digital constructs, but they still require the two basic necessities of life - food and water - to soldier on. One of your first priorities when creating a new settlement should be establishing sources of Food and Water, and that's what this page is all about.

This guide will help you track down Food and Water in Pioneers of Pagonia. They're both pretty simple tasks, though one of them is a bit more complicated than the other. We'll leave it (Food) for last, and look at the easy stuff first.

Finding Water

If you check the upper-right menu on the screen you'll see a spot for Water. Water is used by a number of different buildings, and they won't function without a steady supply:
  • Farms (Vegetable or Crop) - used on nearby Farmland
  • Bakeries
  • Foresters
Unsurprisingly, Water is sourced from Wells. Wells are small, single-square buildings that you can build just about anywhere, and Well Workers will pull Water out of the ground for your use. Wells cost eight Stone and two Rope, which you can get from Quarries and Weaving Sheds, respectively. Your Farms are especially important to keeping your settlement going, so make sure you always have multiple Wells operating so your Water levels remain high.

Finding Food

As suggested above, Food is a bit more complicated than Water. There are mutiple forms of Food available in Pioneers of Pagonia, and it's wise to dip your toes into just about all of them while establishing your settlement. Your options at the start are as follows:
  • A Forager's Hut. Set up one of these and Foragers will wander out into your territory to look for food, such as Raspberry bushes, to bring back to the settlement. Foragers are the quickest, easiest method of food production early on, though as you tame more of the land this option becomes steadily less useful.
  • A Hunting Lodge. If you look closely at the map you'll see animals hopping about. You can construct one of these buildings to send Hunters after the local wildlife. They yield up a variety of different Meats that your Pioneers can eat during meals.
  • Farms. The best method of producing Food over the long term is establishing Farms. There are two types - Vegetable Farms and Crop Farms - and both use Farmland to grow Food. Surrounding either Farm type with Farmland for efficient planting and cultivation, and make sure you have a Well nearby.

Processing Food

Unlike Water, which is used to keep a few specific jobs running, Food has several different purposes - and yields different benefits. Generally speaking Food and other crops are used to create items and to stock your Marketplace (Market Stalls and a Market Fountain) with nourishing products for your Pioneers.

Food items can be processed in the following ways:
  • Windmills can turn Wheat into Flour
  • Bakeries can turn Flour into Bread
  • Provisioners can turn Meats and Bread into Rations
In addition to all that, food is used to create Meals at Taverns. Your miners receive Nutritious Meals, while run-of-the-mill Carriers receive Comfort Meals, which encourage them to reproduce (as long as you have homes available for the new children).