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In order to be successful in Pioneers of Pagonia you need to expand your population base, a topic discussed in another section of the guide. Just bringing new Pioneers in the world isn't enough on its own, however, as your new workforce won't be specialized. You need to do a bit extra to train your Pioneers into specific jobs, which is what we'll explore here.

This guide will help you train new workers for your settlement in Pioneers of Pagonia. Note that this applies largely to the unskilled population that grow up in your settlement, and not the folks who show up on the boat at the beginning of the game. You start off with plenty of skilled workers to start... they just won't cover all your needs in the long run.

Step 1: Expanding your Population

As noted above, we looked at growing your settlement's population in a different section of the guide. Here's a quick rundown of how it's done anyways:

  • Set up food-procurement buildings (Forager's Hunt, Hunting Lodge, farms)
  • Set up a Marketplace (Market Stalls, Market Fountain) near a staffed Tavern
  • Add some Tavern Tables outside the Tavern
  • Build homes (Cottages or Residences)

The key here is to get your Tavern creating Comfort Meals, which they can deal out to visiting Pioneers at the Tavern Tables. Content Pioneers will reproduce, expanding your population.

Step 2: Build a Guild Hall

So now you have a larger population. Are they useful? Yes, to an extent. Whenever a newborn grows up they become a Carrier, a sort of general-purpose laborer. Carriers will move items around your settlement and make life a bit easier for the specialized workers. Problem is, Carriers can't carry out specialized tasks themselves - and after a while you'll have way more of them than you'll ever need.

The next step, then, is setting up a Guild Hall. Located under the Equipment & Training menu (right side of the bottom of the screen), the Guild Hall takes Carriers and converts them into other worker types. You can then employ your new laborers in their selected new job. There are two ways you can do this:

  • Manually choose the type of laborer you want. Click the Guild Hall and you'll see a 'Recruit Worker' option. Here you can add (or subtract) new Diggers, Builders, Construction Site Carriers, or Trade Carriers. None of these jobs require a building, so you can set how many of them you want.
  • Construct a building that needs specific laborers. If you were to build a second Tavern, for example, you would initially lack the Cooks needed to staff the place. The Guild Hall takes this need and converts Carriers into Cooks for you.
All done? Not quite.

Step 3: Create a Tool Smith / Tailor's Shop
Whether you assign workers manually or they get trained automatically, you'll need specific tools to complete the conversion process. Most (but not all) of these items are created at a Tool Smith, the primary exception to which are Backpacks, which are created at a Tailor's Shop. The Tool Smith is located under the Equipment & Training menu, while the Tailor's Shop is located under the Processing menu, both of which are on the right side of the bottom menu.

Put in a manual order for tools at the Guild Hall (or just set the place to keep creating tools forever) and someone will pick them up for the Guild Hall automatically. If you watch the Guild Hall for a bit you'll see the Carriers stroll up, grab a tool out front, and then change clothes. There! You've trained yourself a new worker! The Pioneer will either wait for orders, if they don't have a set building, or run straight to their new job and wait there.

Military Training

It is important to note that there's another kind of unit that you can train: Military units. These men and women are tasked with defending your settlement from enemies. You do not train military units at a Guild Hall, but instead at a Military Academy. The process isn't that different from training at a Guild Hall, but we'll discuss it in another section of the guide, just to be safe.

Main Walkthrough