Main Walkthrough

Pioneers of Pagonia is a city-building game where every person counts - literally. Unlike other larger-scale construction games, where you probably won't see individual residents, Pioneers of Pagonia employs each and every one of your Pioneers in a job. You'll need a lot of them in order to grow your settlement, as you only receive so many at the beginning of each game.

This guide will help you expand your population in Pioneers of Pagonia. Your Pioneers need to reproduce to increase their numbers, and baby-making is not that difficult - though it does require you to set up a few things.

Step 1: Begin Food Production

Your first step towards expanding your population is acquiring foodstuffs. There are three ways you can acquire the food you need to expand your population:
  • First, you can set up a Hunting Lodge. This will employ Hunters to scour your territory for animals. The meat they bring back can be used in meals.
  • Second, you can set up Farmland. These small patches can be worked by Farmers from nearby Vegetable Farms or Crop Farms. Setting up Farmland that can be farmed takes a bit longer than hunting, but yields a lot more food over the long run.
  • Third, not necessary but handy, you can set up a Forager's Hut. Foragers will head out and collect Raspberries, which can then be used in meals.
You'll probably want to employ all three methods when expanding your population. The more food you bring in, the better.

Step 2: Set up a Marketplace

Your Pioneers now need someone to distribute food, and that means creating a Marketplace. A Marketplace is not a single building, but rather several buildings built in close proximity to one another. To establish a Marketplace you'll need the following:
  • Market Stalls, where people can buy and sell the food
  • A Market Fountain, near the Market Stalls, for procuring water
  • A Tavern, where the food can be processed into meals
Your Hunters and Farmers will deliver the food to the Market Stalls, which is then purchased by workers from the Tavern, who will then turn it into both Comfort Meals and Nutritious Meals. (You can open the Tavern menu and turn off Nutricious Meals, if you want to speed up the process. You need Comfort Meals.) Note that the Tavern needs a supply of Firewood from a Forester to operate, and you need to set up some Tavern Tables nearby so people can eat their Comfort Food outdoors.

All of these buildings (except the Forester) should be placed close to each other, to expedite the process. Put everything within the Tavern's range of influence (the circle that appears when you click on the building) and you should be good.

Step 3: Set up Homes

Once your Tavern is producing Comfort Meals you'll need to create homes for your Pioneers, both new and old. You can choose from Cottages, which require fewer resources but offer less living space, or Residences, which house more Pioneers but are more expensive (and take up more room). Again, place these relatively close to the Tavern.

There are two prerequisites before your Pioneers will produce any newborns:
  • First, you need to have houses, period. The more you have, the more babies your Pioneers will potentially produce. You don't need to necessrily have room for them all; just expand your homes.
  • Second, you need to be producing enough Comfort Meals. If you click on a Cottage / Residence you can see its current Comfort Score Rating. The rating needs to be 5 or more before any newborns will be born to that home. Either add another Tavern or beef up your food production to raise this rating.
After that, all you can do is wait. Eventually your Pioneers will produce some babies, and in time they will grow into fully-fledged Pioneers, capable of assisting in the construction of your settlement.

It's important to note that the Comfort Score of your homes needs to meet different thresholds as your population grows. Up to 500 residents your homes only need a Comfort Score of 5 to prove suitable for infants. Once you reach 750 people you'll need a Comfort Score of 10, and less than 1,000 requires a Comfort Score of 15.