Main Walkthrough

Pioneers of Pagonia is a large-scale city-building game with some decidedly small-scale elements. Yes, you're responsible for determining the layout of an entire settlement - but you also need to decide, at least in part, what each of your individual Pioneers will do for a job. That's where items and weapons come in. (Among other places.)

This guide will teach you how to craft items, tools, and weapons in Pioneers of Pagonia. The process is relatively straightforward, but it does require a bit of explanation before it becomes second nature.

Step 1: Figure out how to make the item

It takes a while to remember where you need to make each item or weapon in Pioneers of Pagonia, and until then you may need to search the menus a bit. The easiest way to determine where you create an item is to go down to the building menu (bottom of the screen) and inspect the description of the buildings. The 'Produces' section will tell you what items that building can create.

The buildings that output resources are spread throughout the building categories, so this can take a bit of searching. To save you a bit of time, we'll just list what each building can create:
  • Sawmill - Softwood Beam, Hardwood Board, Firewood
  • Stone Mason - Cut Stone, Border Stone
  • Stone Mill - Cement
  • Well - Water
  • Windmill - Flour
  • Bakery - Bread
  • Provisioner - Ration
  • Smelting Works - Iron Bar, Silver Bar
  • Weaving Shed - Rope, Cloth
  • Tailor's Shop - Light Armor, Padded Armor, Backpack
  • Mint - Copper Coins, Silver Coins
  • Tool Smith - Hammer, Shovel, Axe, Pickaxe, Sickle, Knife, Saw, Chisel, Pliers
  • Wood Workshop - Hunting Bow, Wooden Spear, Wooden Shield, Torch, Wood Cogwheel
  • Weaponsmith - Bronze Sword, Iron Lance, Iron Sword, Silver Blade
  • Armorsmith - Iron Shield, Chain Mail
  • Artisan Blacksmith - Magic Torch, Magic Blade
Inspect the building once it is built and you'll get a rundown of what you need to create each item. That leads us to the next step...

Step 2: Gather resources

Unsurprisingly, you need resources to create items. Which resources you need can vary wildly from item to item. Some need little more than a bit of Softwood Trunk, while others require fully-refined products. In order to determine what you need to create a specific item you'll need to check back in at the workshop which creates the item. (Check the list above if you've forgotten.)

Click on the workshop once it is built. A list of the items that you can purchase will appear on the right side of the screen, and beside the icons for the various items are the resources you need. Hover over the resource to determine what it is. In some cases the procurement of the item is self-explanatory; in others, you made need to consult another workshop for some specifics. (Yes, sometimes you need to make one item in order to produce another item.)

Step 3: Create the item

Whether or not you have all of the resources needed to create a particular item, you can put in the order as soon as the workshop is in place. Click the building and inspect the right menu, specifically the Work Orders section. You'll see a zero to the left of each item icon, and above and below the zero are symbols. These determine the amount you want to add to the total items being crafted:
  • The arrows on the left, up and down, add or subtract one item to the total being crafted
  • The double arrows in the middle add or subtract five items
  • The omega symbol on the right indicates that you want the item to be made in perpetuity
  • The X on the right removes all items being created
The order will be fulfilled once Carriers deliver the resources needed to create the item, and the workers at the building spend time laboring over the item. Eventually the item will appear at the workshop, and once you place an order for it somewhere else a Carrier will show up and take it away. Done!

Items stored in each workshop are listed below the Work Orders section, under Products. Beneath this are the resources - or Stock - currently available at the workshop.