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The first Staff Member you'll unlock in Yog-Sothoth's Yard, Little Leaf is your standard bioroid. A creation of the professor who used to own the hotel grounds, Little Leaf quickly establishes herself as your primary maid. She's naive, a bit cold, and... perhaps a little clingy. Still, what would a harem video game be without a blue-haired, synthetic organism who's cute as a button?

As the hotel's maid, Little Leaf serves as your primary cleaner. Once you have Little Leaf's room (to the left of the Front Desk) up and running she will help you Clean, via the Operation menu (bottom-right corner of the screen). Clean is the most effective way to improve your hotel's Clean skill, which is key to raising your Hotel Star Rating each month. You need to reach a minimum of 800 Clean each time, and Little Leaf is one of the ways to do it. Upgrading Little Leaf's room will increase the power of Clean.

In addition to working as the maid, Little Leaf is available as a romantic option, like the other Staff Members. You can Date Little Leaf via the Affinity menu (bottom-right corner of the screen) for 1 AP. Dating Little Leaf improves her Affinity for you by 30 to 35 points, and gives you a +3 boost to your SAN.

It's worth noting that there are two points in Yog-Sothoth's Yard where Little Leaf is no longer actively a part of the hotel. This means you can't Date her, and she won't show up when Cleaning. Both of these sections are relatively short, so if Little Leaf disappears, fear not. She'll be back soon. (Though you need to complete a rather important Main Task to get her back during the second absence.)

Affinity Invitations

Whenever you reach a particular level of Affinity with Little Leaf you'll unlock a special, one-time cut scene with her, available under Invitation, in the Affinity menu. (The choices you make during these events don't seem to affect your Affinity with Little Leaf.) They are as follows:

  • Level 3 - Planting flower seeds - Unlock 2 CG images, + 500 Souls
  • Level 5 - Laboratory flashback - Treat Each Other With Care Achievement, unlock 1 CG image, + 500 Souls
  • Level 7 - Amusement park trip - + 500 Souls
  • Level 9 - Little Leaf's past - + 500 Souls
You'll receive the My Peace of Mind Achievement for raising Little Leaf's Affinity to Level 10.

Depending on your Affinity with Little Leaf you can get one of four different endings, all involving her in a prominent role. Most of these endings come at the end of the game, though one, which also involves Yevna, will show up during Week 45. Check this guide for more details.

Cut Scene Affinity Boosts

Considering Little Leaf appears in almost the entire game, there are many opportunities to raise your Affinity with the bioroid over the course of Yog-Sothoth's Yard. Below is a listing of all the cut scene-related opportunities to raise your Affinity with Little Leaf. 

  • Build Little Leaf's Room - +30 Affinity
  • After building Little Leaf's Room - 'Agree' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 1, Saturday - 'No, it's an invitation' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 1, Sunday - 'She's my trusted partner' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 1, Sunday - 'It's unique but kinda cool!' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 2, Monday, May Life Bring You Hope (1) - 'Really amazing' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 2, Tuesday - 'No, it's not!' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 3, Wednesday - 'Such a unique way of naming things' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 3, Wednesday - 'Little Leaf, should we give you a new name?' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 3, Wednesday - 'Nothing of the sort' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 5, Tuesday - Haa Lou Ling intro - 'Let's taste this together' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 34, Thursday - Cut scene - +500 Affinity

Main Walkthrough