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Yog-Sothoth's Yard is a visual novel as much as it is a hotel simulator, and you'll spend a lot of time wading through its dense plot. All stories must have an ending, and it turns out that Yog-Sothoth's Yard has multiple such endings. Which one you reach is up to you.

There are a few ways to get endings in Yog-Sothoth's Yard:
  • Make the wrong choice during a cut scene
  • Fail to build your hotel to an appropriate level
  • Reach a high level of Affinity with one of your Staff Members
  • Achieve specific goals within the game
  • Reach the end of the allotted days
This guide will cover the game's various endings. Some you can get right away, while others require a bit (or a lot) of time and effort. The guide is split into 'bad' endings - they're low-effort, and generally unsatisfying - and 'good' endings, which require a bit more effort.

'Bad' Endings

Damascus Rose

The first ending you can get in Yog-Sothoth's Yard is early on in the game. Shortly after Yevna shows up in the hotel she'll force you into a dream sequence, and during the dream she'll ask you about her favorite scent. The proper answer is 'Damascus Rose'. If you choose either of the other two options Yevna will kill you on the spot, giving you your first Game Over.

Carrying a Huge

The second most likely ending that you'll get comes from failing to pay off your monthly debt. This probably won't happen during the first month, unless you utterly ignore everything about your hotel, but if you don't maintain steady construction during the second month there's a decent chance you won't make your payment. Reach the 28th day of the first few months in the game (the debt goes away after a while) with an insufficient amount of money and you'll receive this ending.

Return to the Gate

Another 'bad' ending, Return to the Gate is the result of your SAN dropping to zero. You're most likely to do this if you overuse the Slaughter command, as it drops your SAN by around 10 points each time. You'll get several warnings that you need to attend to your SAN before this happens, so you really need to push it to trigger this ending. (Though, admittedly, it gets easier to lose SAN the further you get into the game.)

Lord of HOBA

To reach this ending you need to make it one inch from the finish line and then quit. At the beginning of the final month you'll be offered a leading position at HOBA, the closest thing Yog-Sothoth's Yard has to a 'bad guy' group. Agree to the proposition to receive this ending.

Let the Feast Begin

You'll unlock this ending during the final sequence in Week 48. Early on you'll be ased to choose between Puyue Tao or Nix for help. Choose Puyue Tao to get this ending.

'Good' Endings

No Turning Back

If you've poked around Hoshino's Shop a bit you'll probably have noticed that Hoshino himself has a price tag: No less than 99,999,999 gold. Yikes. If you can somehow save up this much gold - which requires a monumental investment in your hotel rooms, your Restaurant, and Alchemy - you can purchase Hoshino to get this ending.

Returning to Nature

In order to trigger this ending you need to raise your Affinity with Haa Lou Ling to a sufficiently high level. (I got it to Level 10, though it may work if you've seen all of her Affinity Invitation scenes as well, at Level 9. Can't hurt to go the extra mile.) After that, proceed through the game until you reach Monday on Week 35. Haa Lou Ling will consider leaving the hotel, and ask you to come along. If you agree you'll get this ending.

Lord of the Night

In order to trigger this ending you need to use the Slaughter command over and over until you reach an Evil level of 100. (I think that's the trigger, anyway. You may also want to get your Affinity with Tlipoca to Level 9.) During Week 43 Tlipoca will invite you to join her, and if you've fulfilled this prerequisite you can agree. Do so to begin the ending.

(And no, I'm not posting the picture for this one. It's... a bit too much.)

Master of Meteorites

This ending is triggered by reaching Week 45 and watching the cut scenes that follow. During these scenes you'll receive a proposition by Little Leaf and Yevna. Agree to get this ending. (I'm not sure if Affinity plays a role, but I had both Little Leaf and Yevna at Affinity Level 10 when I got the ending.)

Credits Endings

Once you reach Week 48 you'll have a final showdown with the forces that threaten the world of Yog-Sothoth's Yard. You'll be asked twice to choose between multiple people. The first time you need to choose Nix, whereas the second time you choose between your four primary Staff Members. The Staff Member you choose will change which ending you receive:
  • Tlipoca - Crown of the Night or Video Game Girl
  • Haa Lou Ling - Exterminate Evil or King of the Forest
  • Yevna - Dragon Rider or Through the Gate of Truth
  • Little Leaf - Puppeteer or How about call me Senior Sister? ('Follow my own thoughts') / Morning Call ('Follow Little Leaf's Musings')
In addition to these, you'll receive the opportunity to go through a gate during Haa Lou Ling and Little Leaf's endings. If you do this you'll get the Journey ending instead.

Which of the two endings you get depends on your Affinity with the character. If you have an Affinity below Level 7 you can't choose that character at all. If you have an Affinity of Level Seven but below Level Eight you'll get the first ending. If you have an Affinity of Level Nine or above (you'll seen all of the Affinity Invitation scenes, in other words) you'll get the second ending, or, in Little Leaf's case, the choice between the latter two endings.

All of these endings require you to have raised your Affinity with your Staff Members to at least Level 7. If you didn't manage to do that with any of the characters you'll get a different ending: Capitalist Wins. To get this you need to choose 'Leave' when prompted near the end.

All of these endings will require you to watch the credits. You can skip them by double clicking.

Missing Endings

As of this writing the Yog-Sothoth's Yard guide is going to be discontinued, due to a lack of traffic / time. Many apologies. There are still endings to be found, but I haven't found them, and I need to move on. That said, I suspect the rest are just 'Bad' endings, where you don't complete a Main Task in time. If there's renewed interest in the game - and if I find a gap in my schedule - I'll come back and edit in the endings I missed. Good luck!