Main Walkthrough

'Death' is very much a real thing in Yog-Sothoth's Yard, and one of it junior representatives is Tlipoca. A reaper with some things to learn, Tlipoca shows up once your hotel has been more or less established, rounding out the quartet of eligible bachelorettes who make I's life a roller-coaster ride. She also appears to have three eyes, depending on her mood, but... don't worry about that.

Tlipoca is the last of the main Staff Members to join the hotel. She'll become a regular during week 9, and once you build her a room Tlipoca will spend her time in charge of the Front Desk. Refurbishing Tlipoca's room will also unlock the Slaughter Operation, which allows you to kill all of the hotel's current Guests. This earns you Souls, as well as everyone's money and possessions, but your Evil and SAN will take a toll.

As with your other Staff Members, you can raise your Affinity with Tlipoca by Dating her. You'll find the option under the Affinity icon, in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Hanging out with Tlipoca eats up your time, but it restores a bit of SAN, in addition to pushing her storyline forward.

It's important to note that Tlipoca will leave the hotel during the second-to-last month of the game. Try to finish any Affinity tasks related to Tlipoca as you're gathering Reverse Soul Drops, which takes a few days to accomplish. (You'll know when it's happening.) You'll have more time to work on Tlipoca's Affinity after she comes back than you might think - there's another month after what appears to be the last month - but it does take a while to nudge her Affinity Level to 10.

Affinity Invitations

If you raise your Affinity with Tlipoca to specific levels you'll unlock unique, one-time cut scenes between her and I. You can access these via the Affinity menu as soon as your Affinity is high enough. You'll need to receive the Soul Stone - Remodeling Chaos Extra-Item before you can raise Tlipoca's Affinity Level past Level 7, and you'll need the Soul Stone - Night Stone before you can raise Tlipoca's Affinity Level past Level 9. In both cases you'll also need the Soul Stone to unlock that level's Affinity Invitation.

  • Level 3 - Butterfly discussion - Unlocks new CG, 500 Souls
  • Level 5 - Hospital visit - Familiar Relationships Achievement, 500 Souls
  • Level 7 - On the job - 500 Souls
  • Level 9 - Back to Dreamland - Unlocks new CG 500 Souls
If you reach Affinity Level 10 with Tlipoca you'll receive the Promise of Life and Death Achievement.

Depending on your Affinity with Tlipoca you can get one of three different endings, all involving her in a prominent role. Most of these endings come at the end of the game, though one will show up during Week 43. You need to raise your Evil level to 100 (I think, anyway - just Slaughter a lot) to trigger this particular ending. Check this guide for more details.

Cut Scene Affinity Boosts

Despite showing up a decent bit later than the rest of the girls Tlipoca still occupies an important place in the story, and you'll see her in cut scenes quite a bit. If you give the proper responses to certain situations you can raise your Affinity with Tlipoca without needing to date her. A list of the responses, and when they come up, is included below.

The first time you meet Tlipoca, during the Blood Moon of the second month, she'll try to sign a contract with you. The game will carry on regardless of whether you agree to the contract or not, though you'll see some dialogue changes depending on your choice.

  • Build Tlipoca's Room - +30 Affinity
  • Week 9, Tuesday - 'Not strange. Very cute.' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 9, Sunday, Check on Tlipoca - 'It'll make me worry' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 31, Monday - 'Tlipoca needs a break' - +10 Affinity