A hunter / cook with a will of steel and some fairly obvious family issues, Haa Lou Ling is one of the more important NPCs in Yog-Sothoth's Yard. Showing up a few weeks into the game, Haa Lou Ling brings with her more opportunities to make money for your hotel - as well as a new opportunity for dating. If you aren't interested in a mate who's blatantly supernatural, well... Haa Lou Ling is about as close as you'll come.

Haa Lou Ling is the third Staff Member to join, showing up on week five. Once she does you'll unlock the Restaurant, where you can help Haa Lou Ling cook up meals for your Guests. This process is time-consuming, but it's also a wonderful way to earn money. Upgrading Haa Lou Ling's Room will grant you new recipes for the Restaurant, as well. The Restaurant is complex enough that it deserves its own section in the guide.

In addition to serving as your head chef and food server in the Restaurant, Haa Lou Ling is available for Dating via the Affinity menu (bottom-right corner of the screen). Doing so raises Haa Lou Ling's Affinity for you, which can affect the ending of the game. Dating Haa Lou Ling also restores a bit of your SAN, which can be handy if you like to build up a lot of Oracles.

Affinity Invitations

If you raise your Affinity with Haa Lou Ling high enough you'll unlock a few special, one-time events. You can access these via the Affinity menu once you reach a high enough level. Note that you need to reach Week 26 and obtain Soul Stone - Evil Green to push Haa Lou Ling past Affinity Level 7.
  • Level 3 - Go out on the town for a stroll - + 500 Souls
  • Level 5 - Newfound puppies - Receive Mind Acts upon Mind Achievement, unlocks CG image, + 500 Souls
  • Level 7 - Missing Haa Lou Ling - Unlocks CG image, + 500 Souls
  • Level 9 - Campfire vision - +500 Souls
You'll receive the Congeniality Achievement for reaching Affinity Level 10 with Haa Lou Ling.

Depending on your Affinity with Haa Lou Ling you can get one of three different endings, all involving her in a prominent role. Most come right at the end of the game, though one will pop up during Week 35. Check this guide for more details.

Cut Scene Affinity Boosts

As one of the main, dateable characters, Haa Lou Ling shows up in a lot of cut scenes, albeit fewer than some of the other characters. During these scenes you may get the opportunity to raise your Affinity with Haa Lou Ling by choosing the appropriate response to multiple-choice situations. Raising Haa Lou Ling's Affinity by Dating alone eats up a lot of time, so you might as well ingratiate yourself to her whenever you can.
  • Build Haa Lou Ling's Room - +30 Affinity
  • Week 5, Tuesday - 'Mind if I call you Ling' - +10
  • Week 5, Wednesday - 'She's our new chef' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 9, Sunday, Check on Haa Lou Ling - 'Let's enjoy it together, Ling.' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 23, Monday - 'Yummy, but a tad too sweet' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 23, Tuesday - 'I'm worried about you' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 25, Monday - 'Scan to pay' - +10 Affinity