Main Walkthrough

A playful, sometimes-friendly, sometimes-bloodthirsty woman who may or may not also be a dragon, Yevna is the second Staff Member to join the team in Yog-Sothoth's Yard. She makes a prominent (and memorable) appearance in the opening scenes of the game, and shows up during the second week to wreak havoc for the remainder of your time at the hotel. Tread lightly around this lady.

Once you've refurbished a room for Yevna you'll unlock the Alchemy function of your hotel. Alchemy allows you to combine items into new, more powerful resources. The more you upgrade Yevna's room, the more powerful the items you can create. You can also use Yevna's Alchemy to Summon Guests when your hotel is a little low on patrons. We'll discuss Alchemy in greater detail in its own section of the guide.

In addition to staffing the Alchemy lab, Yevna is available as a romantic prospect for your character. You can raise her affection for you by Dating her, available via the Affinity icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Dating Yevna adds a variable amount of Affinity to her total (the higher your Affinity level, the more you receive), and restores a small amount of SAN.

It's important to note that Yevna will leave the hotel for story-related reasons during Chapter 6. You'll get her back again at the beginning of Week 33, so don't freak out when she leaves. Yevna will be back.

Affinity Invitations

Whenever you reach a specific level of Affinity with Yevna you'll unlock a special, single-time event with Yevna. You can make whatever dialogue choices you like during these events and not hurt your Affinity with Yevna. Note that you need to receive the Soul Stone- Ancient Red Extra-Item before you can see Yevna's Level 9 event.

  • Level 3 - Experiments with alchemical formulae - Holy Water Dew, Holy Water, 500 Souls
  • Level 5 - Visit to Stonehenge - First Glimpse of Sincerity Achievement, unlocks CG image, 500 Souls
  • Level 7 - Visit to a mystery bedroom - unlocks CG image, 500 Souls
  • Level 9 - Yevna's past - unlocks CG image, 500 Souls
If you raise your Affinity with Yevna to Level 10 you'll receive the Bonds Linking Kindred Hearts Achievement.

Depending on your Affinity with Yevna you can get one of four different endings, all involving her in a prominent role. Most of these endings come at the end of the game, though one, which also involves Little Leaf, will show up during Week 45. Check this guide for more details.

Cut Scene Affinity Boosts

As the second dateable character in Yog-Sothoth's Yard, Yevna is, understandably, a prominent fixture throughout the game. She appears in many cut scenes, and depending on how you interact with her your Affinity with Yevna will rise. Below is a list of the responses you should give if you want to raise your Affinity with Yevna.

It is vital to note that you will, at one point early on, be forced into a dream sequence with Yevna. You'll have to remember her favorite scent, mentioned earlier in the game, and if you don't choose 'Damascus Rose' Yevna will kill you. This is one of the game's endings, so you'll want to see it at some point, but... most of the time you'll want to select 'Damascus Rose'.

  • Build Yevna's Room - +30 Affinity
  • Week 2, Monday - 'Tired of fighting? Come in and take a break' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 2, Tuesday - 'It's a special service' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 2, Tuesday - 'Wow, amazing!' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 5, Wednesday - 'She's the Director of Operations' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 5, Wednesday - 'Here, you can have mine' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 12, Monday - 'I would be worried' - +10 Affinity
  • Week 13, Tuesday - 'Drink the potion' - +10 Affinity