Main Walkthrough

Location: Butterfly Village
Petitioner: Jeex Laod the Village Head
Reward: Four-Time Refined Meridian Pill

The toughest part of triggering this side quest is reaching it in the first place. The petitioner, Jeex Laod, lives in Butterfly Village, deep within the southwestern region of Nanjiang. You won't get to visit this place until you reach the main story quest. Once you can travel through Nanjiang, head to Miasma Lurk Forest and use the northern exit. Travel west along the main map and you'll find Butterfly Village.

Jeex Laod is on your right when you enter the village. He wants to renovate the village's houses, but the materials they use are from a distant village - and the young'uns in Butterfly Village won't go through Miasma Lurk Forest. Agree to do the traveling for Jeex Laod and he'll give you Jeex Laod's Letter and send you on your way.

Your next destination is Nanyu Village, back on the Great Plains. You can travel through Bramble Shade Forest to get there, but the quicker route is via the Solitary Cloud Marsh Piers. Travel east to Jinglong, then use the eastern exit to reach the western pier. The Boatman will take you to the eastern pier, and once you're back on the world map you'll find Nanyu Village a short walk to the north.

Speak to Lord Luo, in the northeast of Nanyu Village. (He has his own side quest for you, if you haven't done it already.) He's happy to send the stones to Butterfly Village, but his people will need specific pills to get through Miasma Lurk Forest. You'll find these in Tancheng City, and Luo will give you 3,000 coins to purchase the medicine.

Travel east to Tancheng City, then look in the northeast of the city. You'll find a physician named Jin Yong. Trade for ten Miasma-Proof Pills. (They're 200 coins apiece, so you come out with a profit of 1,000 coins.) Return to Lord Luo to hand over the pills, and he'll point you back towards Butterfly Village. Speak to Jeex Laod to complete the quest.