Main Walkthrough

Location: Gusu City
Petitioner: Zhao Lun the Sea Merchant
Reward: Black Leather Liuhe Advanced Blueprints, Ruyi Winecup, Rhinohorn Sandalwood Xiangqi Pieces

All you need to do to trigger this side quest is pay a visit to Gusu City. The city is located to the southeast of Wudang Sect and the other starting locations. Walk east down Gusu's main street until you see a small store with lanterns out front. The owner, Zhao Lun, is also the quest's petitioner. (Note that this quest will disappear once you've completed Leijia Village, another side quest, so head to Gusu City early.)

Zhao Lun's goods keep getting nicked by bandits, and he went to the Weiyuan Security Guard Agency to secure his shipments. Alas, the head of the WSGA hasn't gotten back to Lun on his latest shipment, leaving the merchant rather worried. He offers to pay Yi to travel to the WSGA and find out what's going on.

Leave Gusu City and travel west along the road. It won't take long for you to reach the WSGA. Enter the grounds and check in the far north to find Li Tai, who runs the place. (Tai has his own side quest for you, if you're interested.) Li Tai admits that, yes, Lun's goods have been stolen once again, this time by pirates under the control of one Shipwreck Clam. They're based on Mount Lian'gu, and Tai plans to get them back - if someone can distract the pirates for him. Guess where you come in.

Agree to the plan, then take a left from the WSGA and cross the first bridge you see. Head east, past Shuanghe Village, then south at the next bridge. This will bring you to Mount Lian'gu. All you need to do here is defeat five Pirates of any type. Two battles should get the job done. The Pirates are a little tough for early-game players, so you'll probably want a party of at least two or three characters and an average HP level of 1,500 or more.

Defeat five Pirates, then head back to the entrance of Mount Lian'gu. Li Tai is waiting, alongside the stolen goods - but Shipwreck Clam isn't about to let everyone leave with his ill-gotten booty.

Shipwreck Clam

Accompanied by four Elite Pirates, Shipwreck Clam is not a pushover. He can use the following attacks:
  • Normal sword thrusts
  • A multi-directional line attack
If you're doing this quest early Shipwreck Clam will likely outmatch your party. The big plus here is that Li Tai and two of his Junior Guards are here to help. They're not overwhelmingly strong, but will help you overwhelm Shipwreck Clam's battle party. Move your characters aside and target the Elite Pirates first, allowing Shipwreck Clam to go after Li Tai. This should give you plenty of time to wipe out the mooks, then double back and demolish Shipwreck Clam from the rear. He's tough, but his moves are simple.

Shipwreck Clam will be sent on his way by a possibly-familiar face after the battle, and you'll receive hints about a greater conflict on the horizon. Quest complete.