Main Walkthrough

Location: Shaolin Temple
Prerequisite: Complete Joining Wudang
Petitioner: Zhi Wu
Reward: 100 Martial Points

The only obstruction to beginning this side quest is finding the Shaolin Temple. If you leave Wutong Village and head east / northeast you'll soon run into Yanfu Town. Northeast of here, across a bridge, you'll find Shaolin Temple atop a mountain. You won't be able to enter the temple until you've joined Wudang Sect and Yi has changed his clothes.

The petitioner, a young monk named Zhi Wu, is standing in the Rear Hall (northern section) of Shaolin Temple, next to a man named Hui Ping and several training monks. Zhi Wu is despondent because no one will train with him, as he's too strong for his fellow students but not strong enough for the masters. Yi offers to Spar with him. Speak to Wu again to begin the battle.

Zhi Wu

Zhi Wu is only a problematic opponent if you've spent next to no time building up Yi since arriving in Wudang Sect. Wu uses the following moves:
  • A cross-shaped, short-range AOE attack
  • A square-shaped, short-range AOE attack
  • A diamond-shaped, longer-range AOE attack
None of Zhi Wu's moves have any additional effects, aside from buffing Wu slightly, so you're only facing raw power. Get behind Wu early and smack his backside as often as you can. His polearm attacks are not that strong since they're not concentrated, and so long as Yi is facing Zhi Wu you'll blunt the effects each time.

You'll receive some Martial Points and an Affinity boost with Zhi Wu after the battle. That's all for the quest, though it's worth noting that Zhi Wu has some good polearm moves that you can learn, if you decide to build up Affinity and Consult with him.