Main Walkthrough

Location: Shaolin Temple
Prerequisite: Complete Joining Wudang
Petitioner: Zhi Wen
Reward: 50 Meridian Points

The only obstruction to beginning this side quest is finding the Shaolin Temple. If you leave Wutong Village and head east / northeast you'll soon run into Yanfu Town. Northeast of here, across a bridge, you'll find Shaolin Temple atop a mountain. You won't be able to enter the temple until you've joined Wudang Sect and Yi has changed his clothes.

The petitioner, a boy named Zhi Wen, is standing near the living quarters in the northeast of Shaolin Temple's Rear Hall, in the north of the temple. Yi asks if Zhi Wen can tell him any stories about the temple, and Zhi Wen is willing - but only if Yi gives him some Sugar-Coated Haws.

There's a chance you already have Sugar-Coated Haws, but if not, you'll need to make a trip to Yanfu Town. Leave Shaolin Temple and head southwest to find the town. The merchant who sells the candy, Hu Qi, lives in the east of Yanfu Town, down the stairs to the right of the path to the inn. Buy Sugar-Coated Haws and take them back to Zhi Wen for your reward, which was... probably not worth the trip.