Part 27: Eerie Night in Shaolin

Main Walkthrough

With Mowen gone and the martial arts world slowly slipping into chaos, Yi is given a familiar task: Rising to a new rank in Wudang Sect. This time Yi aspires to the role of Zhenwu Hall Chief Disciple, and the process for achiving this prestigious title is a bit different than usual.

Speak to Daotong, to the east of Sanqing Hall, after receiving this quest. He'll outline the process: Yi needs to gain the approval of several masters throughout Wudang Sect. No more Affiliation Credits, just earn respect. We'll go through them one-by-one.

Master Daowei

First up is Master Daowei, to the west of Sanqing Hall. Yi has apparently already earned this guy's respect, and you'll receive a Taoist Hairpin.

Master Daomiao

Second is Master Daomiao. He's standing outside a house to the east of the Swordplay Platform. Daomiao loves cuisine, and his challenge is simple: He wants a Red Squama Fish. You can only find these in one location.

Travel to the northern lands, beyond Xungu Pass, heading northwest towards Liao City. If you continue northwest past Liao City you'll find the Mirage Waters, a small outdoor area populated by a variety of alligators. If you kill Crimson Alligators you'll most likely receive a Red Squama Fish. You can also catch them in the Mirage Waters' fishing spot, though fighting Crimson Alligators is quicker.

(Of note is Lin Tiahan the Soul-Reaping Swordsman, a unique enemy who appears in the north of the Mirage Waters. He is very tough, and Yi will have to fight him alone. I recommend avoiding him, though if you can beat him he also drops Red Squama Fish, among other high-level items.)

Take the Red Squama Fish back to Daomiao to receive a Crane Feather, and his approval. Two down.

Master Daoxuan

Third is Master Daoxuan. The ever-distracted master is outside his temple in the northwest of Wudang Sect, up the stairs from the Disciples' Dorm. Daoxuan demands Alchemy, and will give you a pill to create - the Top-Grade Bloodelixir Spagirism - as well as the ingredients for making one (Bear Gallbladders, Honey, Cordyceps, Ginseng, and Musk).

This quest is a bit of a pain if you haven't reached sixth-level Alchemy by this point, as Top Grade Bloodelixir requires that level at a minimum. You'll need to grind out the levels until you reach level six. If you use up any of the ingredients needed for the Bloodelixir along the way you can find them in the following places:

  • Bear Gallbladder - Defeat Rabid Bears atop the Precipice
  • Honey - Defeat Bees at Peach Blossom Forest, Petalsfall Forest, or Herb Valley
  • Cordyceps - Harvest on Mount Windless or Mount Autumnscape
  • Ginseng - Harvest in Miasma Murk Forest or Herb Valley
  • Musk - Purchase in Tianshui City
(I had particular trouble with this step, as I couldn't find some of the ingredients needed for the more common combinations. My solution was to create High-Grade Bloodelixirs. You can get the Spagirism for making them from Zhou Xiong the Odd Physician, over in Jinglong. The ingredients for making these are much easier to find.)

Speak to Daoxuan after completing a Top-Grade Bloodelixir and he'll give you a Gourd, a token of his respect. One to go.

Master Qingxiao

Last is Master Qingxiao, who, historically, does not like Yi all that much. His task is simple: Eradicate pirates over on Mount Thunder. You may or may not have visited Mount Thunder before, but if not, you'll find it to the southeast of Wudang Sect. Travel this general direction until you find Shuanghe Village (it's a little ways east of Mount Greenturnip), then veer south.

Mount Thunder - Enemies
  • Armed Guard
  • Pirate - Gunman
  • Pirate - Sailor
  • Pirate - Spearman
  • Zhang Pofan the Saber Bandit
Mount Thunder - Drops
  • Brocade
  • Celestial Garment
  • Coldiron Knuckles
  • Demon Conqueror
  • Fanyang Straw Hat
  • Jadeite Guanyin
  • Lanling Liquor
  • Satin
  • Silverlight Saber
  • Tiger Claws Boots
  • White Tiger Sword

Ahh, a bandit-infested landscape. Familiar territory, in other words. There are a few things to note as you climb Mount Thunder:

  • You can harvest Black Gold Ore, Ginseng, and Dragonwood on Mount Thunder.
  • As you climb north of the entrance to Mount Thunder you may notice a little side path on your right. This leads down to what looks like an empty ledge - though if you inspect the blind spot on your left you'll find a hidden chest. It contains Zhennan Wood, Two-Time Refined Spirit Pills, a Two-Time Refined Breath Pill, and Dark Wood.
  • If you climb to the 'top' of the mountain - it's accessible via a path in the northwest, behind the clearing where you find Zhang Pofan - you'll find a chest containing a Four-Time Refined Meridian Pill, the Snow Clam Slices Recipe, and the First-Class Abalone Recipe.
Your objective here is pretty simple: First, defeat ten of any enemy with 'Pirate' in their name; and, second, defeat Zhang Pofan the Saber Bandit. Climb the mountain and you'll find him after a few battles, roaming a clearing in the northwest. Despite the look of his sprite Zhang Pofan is, indeed, a saber fighter, and he won't use any crazy moves to trip you up. Shouldn't be a problem.

Return to Qingxiao after defeating ten Pirates, along with Zhang Pofan, and he'll give you a Thumb Ring, the Ruanshi Saber Advanced Blueprint, and some respect. All that leaves is speaking to Daotong again, and you know what that means.

WARNING! Once you fight Daotong you'll engage the final series of quests in Wandering Sword. Past this point you'll be blocked from entering the territory of any of the sects, such as Liushan School, Shaolin Temple, and even Wudang Sect. If you have any business that you want to complete before this happens, do it now.


Yeeeeeah, by this point you shouldn't have any trouble with Daotong, even if he is using his full power. Get behind him and wallop the poor guy.

You'll receive the Zhenwu Hall Chief Disciple's Nameplate for defeating Daotong. This ends the quest, and pushes you right into the next one. Head down to the main gate of Wudang Sect to get started.

Part 29: Assembly of Heroes

Main Walkthrough