Part 28: Become Zhenwu Hall Chief Disciple

Main Walkthrough

The end is near, and the many faces Yi has met over the course of his journey convene at Shaolin Temple for a final meeting. Upon arrival you'll hit several cut scenes, and although Yi is off to the side most of the time he takes center stage once a familiar face shows itself. You can choose to reason with her, which raises Yi's Affinity with his opponent, but ultimately you'll need to fight.

Jiang Xiaotong

Yep, the young girl from the very beginning of Wandering Sword has finally returned. Jiang Xiaotong is immeasurely stronger than the last time you met her, though during this first battle she's a bit skittish, and will largely hang back behind her four Scaled Grey Serpents. Xiaotong uses the following attacks:

  • Ranged attacks that can Poison Yi
  • A ranged AOE attack that can Poison and lower Yi's accuracy
  • Heart-Piercing Dust, a ranged AOE attack that lowers Yi's defenses
During the first part of this confrontation you should keep Yi away from Xiaotong and just fight the Scaled Grey Serpents. After a few rounds you'll return to cut scenes, and Yi will perfect his Wind and Cloud Method, making him quite a bit stronger. Once this happens the fight resumes, and Xiaotong replaces her original snakes with Green-Scaled Serpents and Purple Mist Serpents. This fight goes to the end, but Yi is given an extra aura that prevents most of Xiaotong's hits from landing. You should be fine.

After the battle Yi will wind up in a guest room on the Shaolin Temple grouds. Max out his Wind and Cloud Cultivation Method, if you have the Martial Points available, then leave the room and head south. A cut scene follows - a shocking one - and after a long of conversation you'll wind up in a battle with an old friend. It'll be an utter thrashing in your favor, but a painful one. Once that's done you'll be in a new area.

Shaolin Path - Enemies

  • Liushan School Disciple
  • Shaolin Temple Disciple
  • Wudang Sect Disciple

Shaolin Path - Drops

  • Brocade
  • Celestial Garment
  • Coldiron Knuckles
  • Demon Conqueror
  • Fanyang Straw Hat
  • Jadeite Guanyin
  • Lanling Liquor
  • Satin
  • Silverlight Saber
  • Tiger Claws Boots
  • White Tiger Sword
This area is straightforward, but teeming with 'enemies' from the many sects that now want Yi's head. Ouyang Xue and Yao Ji join for the journey, and if you keep them out of your deployed party they will appear anyway. Keep them out for some extra firepower.

This area doesn't have any items to collect. Just follow the path, fight or avoid all of the enemies trying to dogpile on Yi, and save occasionally. As the path swings south you'll hit a cut scene, and an unfortunate foe will stand in your way.


Yikes. One of the two heads of Wudang Sect has come for Yi's head, and he'll have to face the master alone. Qingxiao uses the following attacks:
  • Standard-range sword attacks
  • Three-square sword attacks that can buff Qingxiao's stats
  • Tai Chi Swordplay, a powerful diamond-shaped AOE
  • Zhenwu's Sword Intent, a multi-directional, line-based attack
This fight is tough, but, fortunately, you don't need to defeat Qingxiao - just stall. If you can't stand toe-to-toe with your opponent you can use Lightness to increase Yi's range, then just run until the battle ends. Once it does you'll watch several cut scenes, and the next quest will begin in Yanfu Town.

Part 30: Upcoming Catastrophe

Main Walkthrough