Part 26: Beggars' Sect Seeking Help

Main Walkthrough

After kicking some butt in Sandalwood Forest the team will relocate to Shaolin Temple, to the north, where Yi receives another upgrade to his Wind and Cloud Method. Upgrade it (assuming you have enough Meridian Points), then leave your room. Night has fallen, and you need to find Mowen. A quick check in the Mediation Chamber to your right will tell you that he's out and about.

Head west through the temple grounds. If you approach the main temple in the north you'll find a chest that isn't there during the day (I'm pretty sure, anyway). The chest contains Royal Jelly, the Dangshen and Velvet Antler Soup Recipe, a Master's Calligraphy Collection, and a Three-Time Refined Meridian Pill. Head a bit further west of here to trigger a cut scene, which will immediately result in a change of scenery.

White Tortoise Cave - Enemies

  • Leader
  • Poacher
  • Snapping Turtle

White Tortoise Cave - Drops

  • Celestial Garment
  • Coldiron Knuckle
  • Demon Conqueror
  • Fanyang Straw Hat
  • Featherless Arrow
  • Fine Hide
  • Fine Raw Meat
  • Jadeite Guanyin
  • Linen
  • Satin
  • Silverlight Saber
  • Tiger Claws Boots
  • White Tiger Sword
A tiny dungeon to the northwest of Shaolin Temple, White Tortoise Cave is a location you may well have visited before. There are a few things of note as you travel west:

  • You can harvest Black Gold Ore, Jade Ore, and Lingzhi while exploring the cave.
  • There's a fishing spot next to the huge turtle near the entrance. We'll get to this turtle in a moment.
  • In the far west of the cave is a Leader who has some superior drops, if you can beat him and his band of Poachers. He's guarding a chest containing Coal, Steel Ingots, a Three-Time Refined Essence Pill, Wrought Iron Ingots, a Jadeite Guanyin, and a Yuchang Sword Advanced Blueprint.

If you inspect the large turtle on the island with the fishing spot you'll discover that it is dead - and Mowen, along with the familiar face he's fighting, were likely responsible. That's all you can get out of this cave, so you might as well head back to Shaolin Temple.

An unfortunate cut scene is waiting when you arrive at the temple. After a conversation Yi will receive the Hero Invitation, with orders to take it to Master Qingxu in Wudang Sect. Head southwest to find Yanfu Town, then follow the western road until it brings you back to Wutong Village. Wudang Sect is to the west. Head for Sanqing Hall to trigger a cut scene, and end the quest.

Part 28: Become Zhenwu Hall Chief Disciple

Main Walkthrough