Part 36: Lost Ones Hamlet

Main Walkthrough

Sacrosanct Spires and Hunting Fields - Enemies

  • Anointed - 165 HP - Weak to Blunt
  • Owlsassin - 133 HP
  • Scout - 138 HP

Now that your team has been restored to a full five members you're headed to Sacrosanct Spires. Look for the huge island in the northwest of the underground's ocean and you'll find it. The landing spot is in the southwest of the island. There's a campsite right by the entrance, and if you inspect the giant purple crystal blocking your way B'st will, with flair, remove it for you.

The next room is a tower. Start climbing stairs and walls. Eventually you'll make your way up to your first set of enemies, an Anointed and a pair of Scouts. Neither of them are terribly dangerous, though they're not pushovers either. The Scouts attack more often and have less health so you may want to wipe them out first.

Climb the wall to the north of the battlefield and keep going until you reach two grapple points. Swing across to the east side, then look a little ways northwest for a wall ring that you can pull out with the Graplou. This will raise a platform over on the west wall, but only for a limited time. Swing back the way you came and start climbing up the steps as quick as you can.

A bit further up you'll run into two Anointed. Drop off of their platform to the left and climb the long wall in the west. This will get you up to a grapple point, and on the other side you'll find the exit - as well as a chest containing Sapphire Ore. On your way out the exit you'll be treated to a cut scene with three ominous figures, one of whom looks... a little looney?

This will take you out of Sacrosanct Spires. Head east to your next destination.

Hunting Fields

Your next stop is a forest full of pitfalls. Head east of the entrance and grapple over to the climbing nets to the north. Continue to hop and grapple your way to the east and you'll find a campsite. On the right side of the campsite is a lever that will open the way forward, as well as bring two Scouts and an Owlsassin out to play. The Owlsassin is a bit tough to block but overall not a big deal.

Rest your wounds after the battle - might as well, the campfire is right there - and continue east. There's another lever ahead that will lower walls to the north, letting you get at a third lever. Pull this one, though, and you'll be trapped by Rachater, the local hunter. After a brief conversation he'll dump you into a little pen, and you'll have to fight an Owlsassin and a Scout.

Blow away the box at the south end of the pen to get free, then go clockwise around the wall to find your way further east... or so you think. A jump off the next ledge will dump you into another room, this time facing two Owlsassins. Check the edges of this room for Mushrooms, then push the box that followed you down right, up, left, down, right, and up. This will give you a path to a climbing wall, and out of the pit.

Back to it. To the south are some Berry bushes, and east of them is a bridge that will fall out (though you can still cross). On the other side is a bird person in a barrier, though you can't hear what he has to say. Maybe a friendly? Look south of the barrier for a ledge that will take you down and northeast, where you'll find a lever... which is, again, a trap.

Fortunately for you, Seraï makes it out of the trap on time. Grapple east of the trap, then north to a climbing wall. Head east along the wall (despite how it looks you can't go west just yet) and you'll find a sliding box puzzle. Slide the crate east, climb up on top, and grapple the ring device on the north wall. This will reveal another ring device on the west side of the track, and start a timer. Rush over there with the box and pull the second ring to open a gate in the middle, where you'll find a lever. You need to move fast to avoid starting over.

Pulling the lever reveals a control panel to the south. Activate it and the six panels in front of you will flip over, revealing icons. You need to choose the matching pairs of icons to solve the puzzle. This time the icons are above and below each other, so it's easy. Do this and a lever will appear near the barriers in the west, which you can pull to free the rest of the party.

This will also release Verlot, the bird. He'll activate a nearby wind tunnel before departing. Use it to fly waaaaaay up the cliff, where you'll find a climbing route headed north. Jump back down using the ledge to the east and you'll land beside a chest, which contains a Sapphire Ingot. Then repeat the leap to the top and start climbing.

You're back inside what appears to be a tower. Grapple to the northwest to pull a block out of the wall, allowing you to climb. An Owlsassin, and Anointed, and a Scout will greet you on the next level. Pull out another ring block to the southeast of the enemies, then start climbing around the tower. There's an exit to the world map in the west of the next level, if you feel the need to leave and heal.

Keep using ring blocks to gain more altitude until you reach a shimmying wall. Travel east until you're on the other side of a small gap, facing a climbing wall to the northeast. Grapple over - don't try to jump, you'll fall - and climb up to the next clearing. An Owlsassin and an Anointed are up here, and they're protecting a chest that contains a Plasma Blade for Zale. 

Head southeast of the chest to find another exit back to the world map. Head north to find the next section of this area, which is... Sacrosanct Spires again.

Sacrosanct Spires

As soon as you reenter Sacrosanct Spires you'll find yourself staring at another matching puzzle, and this one is far more complicated than the last. The pattern is randomized this time, and you only have three chances to solve it before the pattern randomizes again. If your memory is poor I highly recommend taking a quick screenshot and using it as a reference for solving this puzzle.

Completing the puzzle will raise a ladder to the second level. There are two floor panels here that will shake some nearby tiles, though not enough to make a difference just yet. Keep climbing until you run into a pair of Owlsassins, then climb the final wall to the top.

Up here you'll find a ball that you can blow around with the Mistral Bracelet. Blow it onto one of the two floor tiles near its resting place, then step onto the other floor tile yourself. This will open a hole to the southwest. Blow the ball into the hole and follow it down. There's another hole to the east on the next floor, and it will take you to the second floor, where there are two more tiles. Again, put the ball on one and yourself on the other to open some holes.

Blow the ball into the western hole and it will crash through the ground on the lowest level. Hop down the chasm it opened and you'll drop into a chamber full of enemies. Below you are an Anointed, an Owlsassin, and a Scout for you to defeat. North of the enemies is a chest containing a Crystal Egg, as well as a lever that will open a barrier to the south.

Walk through the barrier, then climb your way north. There's a shrine up here where you can place the Crystal Egg, which will open a wind tunnel in the previous section of the spire. Go south of the shrine and you'll find an elevator that will take you back up to that chamber.

Before proceeding, however, climb to the second level of the tower. There's a hole on the right that you couldn't access with the ball, thanks to some barriers. If you jump down this hole yourself you'll land back in the chamber with the shrine, albeit on the other side. You can hop down and fight two Anointed and a Scout, which will give you access to a lever, as well as a chest containing the Recipe for Champion's Omelette. The lever lowers the barrier and lets you use the elevator again.

Blast to the top of the spire using the wind tunnel and you'll find an exit on your left. You're back on the world map again. Head west.

Seat of the Triumvirate

You're almost there. This small area has a campsite and save point for you to use, and if you check the west side of the area you'll find a chest containing a Rainbow Conch. Climb the stairs to the north and you'll find a chest containing a Neobsidian Staff for Valere. Keep climbing and you'll find some challengers waiting at the top.

Abstarak, Brother Casugin, and Rachater

All three at once? Yep, all three at once. Apparently you've offended the sensibilites of this grand council, and now you need to pay the price. Time for some fun. Abstarak, Brother Casugin, and Rachater use the following attacks:

  • Single-target spells (Abstarak and Brother Casugin)
  • An AOE bomb attack (Rachater)
  • Get Zook'd, a four-Lock, three-hit attack on a single target (Rachater)
  • Mend Mind, a three-Lock healing spell for the enemy party (Brother Casugin)
  • True Terror, a five-Lock AOE attack that reduces everyone to 1 HP (Abstarak)
This battle is not insanely difficult, but it does take a while. Brother Casugin serves as the bad guy healer most of the fight, while Abstarak and Rachater attack. Rachater will dish out most of the damage until Abstarak begins charging up. If he's not interrupted he'll use True Terror, which reduces your whole active part to 1 HP. Ouch.

For the most part you want to break Locks where you can, particularly those belonging to Brother Casugin and Abstarak. Mend Mind prolongs the fight, and True Terror just... stinks. You'll likely need to use multi-hitting attacks, Boosting, and Combos to wipe out True Terror. Once Locks and healing are out of the way you'll also need to decide on an order to take the enemies down:
  • Rachater should go first. He's a persistent nuisance who can dish out some serious pain if you don't block his Get Zook'd attack.
  • Abstarak is second. He's not terribly dangerous until he brings out True Terror, but that one move is awful.
  • Last is Brother Casugin. Yes, the healing is an irritant, but by this point in the game he usually won't heal enough to make a huge difference in the fight. (Though if you wind up really hating Mend Mind, by all means defeat him first.)
Regardless of your approach, you'll wind up using Ultimate moves a few times in this fight. I highly recommend Resh'an's Great Eagle. If you save it up it will instantly lay a bad hurt on all three enemies, delay their turns, and heal and revive your party. If True Terror just went off this move can really save your butt.

You'll receive the Featherweight Achievement for defeating the three masters of Sacrosanct Spires. A cut scene will put some things into perspective, and once it is done you'll find an active teleporter back down the stair and to the southwest of the campsite.

This will put you back on the main map. Follow the remaining path to find Es'tristae's Lookout. Look on your left at the entrance for a chest containing a Broken Handle, then head up the stairs to the right. A cut scene will set some things in motion, reactivating the Speedball Network. This will allow you to climb into the big ball that arrives on the right and fly far away from Sacrosanct Spires. Next stop, Sky Base.

Part 38: Sky Base

Main Walkthrough