Part 35: Cerulean Expanse

Main Walkthrough

Make it through the Cerulean Expanse and you'll emerge in an isolated town called the Lost Ones Hamlet. You'll move directly from the Cerulean Expanse into this new area, though when you leave the hamlet you'll be back on the world map. You can now travel between the Lost Ones Hamlet and Repine, back north, without having to go through the Cerulean Expanse. Very handy.

At a glance the hamlet seems to be empty. Head north to the sizable installation in this area to trigger a cut scene in which Resh'an reveals that the hamlet is not quite as empty as it looks. The area is now filled with the Lost Ones from the name, and once the scene is over you can wander around and chat.

Aside from conversation, which is more pleasant than you might expect, there's not much to find in the Lost Ones Hamlet. The one exception is the Lost One in the west, who is a Merchant. In addition to meals and ingredients it sells Recipes for Pain Doré and Gourmet Burger. Very exciting.

You can't open the door up north yet, so check to the south. One of the spirits, going by the name of B'st, will approach the group. The cut scene that follows will cover a lot of ground, and B'st will agree to help the party if they can get him away from Lost Ones Hamlet. This results in Seraï ordering a key to open the northern facility.

Head inside. There are some darkened chambers ahead, and if you check to the west you'll find a chest containing a Walnut Cork for Resh'an. The northern path is crumbled, so head east to find the main route through. On your right as you head north is a side path with a Sapphire Ore. B'st will reminisce a bit in the next room to the north. Look west of here to find a campsite. Make sure you use it, as an 'abomination' waits in the northern room.


That is... more horrifying than expected, somehow, and it gets worse over time. Meduso is sort of an indirect boss, and you'll need to make some decisions to bring it down. Meduso uses the following attacks:

  • Plugs a Canister into a socket in the ceiling or floor
  • Bursts a pink Canister (two-Lock move), releasing energy bolts at a single target
  • Turns a light-blue canister into a drill (two-Lock move), targeting one character
  • Injects a green Canister (three-Lock move) into Meduso, restoring some health
  • Injects a light-blue Canister (five-Lock move) into Meduso, triggering an AOE breath attack

Meduso itself doesn't attack. Instead it injects its four canisters into the sockets around the room, filling them with various colored gasses. The color of the Canister determines which attack goes off when that Canister is done charging. You can't do any damage to the Canisters, just break their Locks and stop them from acting. Meduso's face gets gradually grosser as the battle wears on, and it will add more Canister attacks over time.

There are two ways to approach this battle:

  • Do your best to take out the Canister attacks, then sneak in an assault on Meduso when the coast is clear. This is the safer but longer route. You can either put up with the damage from the attacks and go after the green healing Canisters, or just try to outpace the healing Canisters and go after every other color.
  • You can ignore the Canisters altogether and just focus on Meduso. This approach works better early on, as Meduso doesn't have a ton of health, and you can easily outrun any damage it heals. Direct your mightiest single-target attacks at the thing and try to end the battle quickly. If this stalls out you'll probably have to switch to fending off the Canisters.
Regardless of your approach, you'll likely find your AOE attacks of greatest use in this fight. Moonarang, Venom Flurry, and Dash Strike are all very helpful, as are Combos that target multiple types. If you're really stuck on a Canister's Locks you may also find Resh'an's Ebb move handy.

You'll receive the Chin up! Achievement for beating Meduso. Head north after you've whacked the giant head and you'll find the building's workshop. After a bit of a cut scene you'll see B'st in a new light, as Resh'an builds the little spirit a body of glass. B'st joins the party, and covers the Arcane element from this point on. (He also has ready-built Combos with everyone, so if you're working towards the To the Teeth Achievement you may get it now.)

Now that B'st is in the party you are done Cerulean Island. You need to head back to the boat and set sail, which will take much less time since the Derelict Factory is short once you finish the puzzles. Next stop, Sacrosanct Spires.

Main Walkthrough