Part 33: Derelict Factory

Main Walkthrough

A lonely settlement in the middle of Crescent Island, Repine is Seraï's home - and home to other, ah, 'augmented' individuals. There's not much joy to be found in Repine, but you should have a look around regardless.

We'll start with the services Repine has on offer:

  • The building with the neon sign to the left of the entrance is the inn / tavern. A fellow sitting at a table on the east side of the tavern will ask if you know any games, and you can talk to the Watchmaker in Clockwork Castle to set this tavern up with a Wheels table.
  • In roughly the middle of Repine, accessible by the stairs in the east, is the weapons shop. The owner isn't talkative, but he does sell some good items: Adamantine Staffs, Kybersteel Blades, Pliantshell Vests, and the Nanoinjector Accessory. This last item is for Seraï, and it removes one star from KOed characters while equipped. Very useful, though a bit pricey.
  • The shop in the northwest of Repine sells a variety of ingredients and meals. He notably sells the  Yakitori Shrimp Recipe for 90 gold.

There are also several items you can pick up while you're in Repine:

  • If you look north of the entrance you'll find an alleyway behind the inn / tavern. There's a barely-visible chest down this path. It contains a Rainbow Conch.
  • In the southeast of Repine you'll find an alleyway that travels beneath a bridge. Follow this path north to find a chest containing a Data Strip.
  • Head north along the eastern-most path in Repine. You'll find a fellow who looks a bit like a wizard at the end, and next to him are Tomatoes.
  • Check the upper-left corner of the weapons shop for a chest containing a Rainbow Conch.
  • To the left of the ingredients shop, in the northwest of Repine, is a picnic basket. Check it for some Pudding Chômeur.
  • In the far northwest of Repine is a sort of back alley. There's a faint sparkle you can see back here. Check it for an Adamantite Ore.

In addition to everything above you'll find a boxy, hungry fellow next to the Innkeeper, and it will demand food. It wants a few different potential types of food:

  • Something SWEET - Desserts like Parfait or Peach Strudel
  • Something WARMING - Anything hot, like Hearty Stew or Mushroom Soup
  • Something MEATY - Anything made of meat, like Roast Sandwich
  • Something LIGHT - A vegetable dish, like Basic Salad
  • Something FROM THE WATER - A fishy dish, like Sashimi

You will lose the dish whether the robot likes it or not, so choose wisely. Fulfill all five of its needs for a Rainbow Conch.

That's all for Repine, save for Seraï's home. It's the house at the highest point in town. Head inside and you'll meet Cedric, Seraï's personal AI, who will lay out your options. You'll receive a Probe to aid with the next part of the journey, which will take place in the Cerulean Expanse, to the east. 

Return Trip - Data Strips and the Cypher

Inside Repine's weapon shop you'll find a door that you can't open. It demands you present a Cypher. In order to make a Cypher you'll need to collect four Data Strips that are scattered throughout the game. We'll deal with this little scavenger hunt in another section of the guide.

Part 35: Cerulean Expanse

Main Walkthrough