Part 25: Autumn Hills

Main Walkthrough

Songshroom Marsh - Enemies

  • Fungtoise - 170 HP - Weak to Arcane, resists Blunt, Sword
  • Grassassin - 122 HP - Weak to Sun
  • Shroomy Shroomy Knight - 122 HP - Resists Arcane, Poison
  • Tock - 144 HP - Weak to Poison

After a trek through Autumn Hills - and a revelatory string of cut scenes - you'll emerge near Songbloom Marsh. You still haven't reached that ominously beautiful castle, though the marsh is the only thing in your way. Let's get it over with.

The path splits at the entrance to the marsh. Head south to find a crop of Bell Peppers, then head back north and east. Grab the Mushrooms to the north along the way, before hopping further east. Once you're forced either north or south you can find a campsite to the north. The main path - and some Mushrooms - wait to the south.

You'll run into your first enemies, a pair of Fungtoises, once you're back on the ground. They're not terribly complicated enemies, though their resistance to physical attacks makes them a bit of a pain. Further east of here and past a grapple point you'll run into two Shroomy Shroomy Knights, as well as one of the Tocks that you first met in Autumn Hills. The Shroomy Shroomy Knights are a bit more annoying since they have no weaknesses, but normal melee attacks (from everyone besides Resh'an) should whittle them down just fine.

Look north of this battle area and you'll find a chest on the other side of a grapple point. It contains a Leaf Cape. To the east of the battle area is a ladder. Climb down and you'll find a series of mushroom-shaped platforms on your right, patrolled by more Shroomy Shroomy Knights. Hop off of the mushrooms and you'll find a lever to the northeast that will raise a grapple point. Use it to zip northwest, which will put you on a chain of clockwise grapple points.

Eventually you'll wind up near a crate that you should push to a lower level with the Mistral Bracelet. Follow it down and you can use it as a stepping stone to hop east. Check north in the next clearing for Lettuce, then head east until you find a building. There's a Shroomy Shroomy Knight inside, but it will flee when you approach. Look along the northern landing for a picnic basket containing six Maple Syrups before you use the eastern exit.

Approach the Shroomy Shroomy Knight in the next room and three more will jump down to join it for a brawl. Drawing them together or using attacks that hit everything in the room will make the fight much easier. Drop into the pit on the west side of the chamber.

You'll fall down into a lower chamber with a chest. The chest contains a Spirit of Ninja, an accessory that helps build Combo Points more quickly. Drop down after opening the chest and you'll see two crates on your left. Blow them out of the way to get at a lever, which will raise a platform on the east side of the room. Cross to the east side of the chamber and use the ropes to climb out.

You're now back in the previous room. Head to the western pit, but this time grapple onto the wall using the post in the middle of the pit. You can get at a chest containing three Obsidian Ores on the upper lever, as well as a lever. Pull the lever to open a doorway below. Drop down and head through.

You're now back outside. Follow the path northeast, until you see a climbing wall - and a busted purple diamond tile. Change the time of day to night and the huge, blue mushrooms towering nearby will open up, creating rtrampolines. Hop along the smaller red mushrooms near the purple tile to find some Mushrooms you can actually collect, then hop back the way you came and climb up a level. The trampoline mushrooms will send you east.

Follow the path until you come to a Fungtoise, which it turns out is accompanied by two Grassassins from Autumn Hills. Wipe them out, then look to the southwest. You'll find a light crystal. Change the time and several new mushrooms will sprout nearby. If you use the light beam on these huge shrooms you'll raise them a bit. Do this to the first one, lower it to hop onto the second one, then raise the second one to get onto the third one. Change day to night so the blue mushroom next door becomes a trampoline, then use it to bounce west.

Head south and you'll find some Mushrooms down a climbing wall and two jumps to your right. Assuming you're still operating at night you can grapple over to the mushroom to the right of the climbing wall and bounce far to the east, landing on a clearing with two Shroomy Shroomy Knights and a Fungtoise. Use the climbing wall in the south to resume the main path.

You're now on a boardwalk. There are Mushrooms to your right, and to the north are a grapple point and a lever. The lever will create a shortcut back to an earlier, seemingly-useless ladder, as well as extend a bridge that will take you further east. Grapple to the ladder and cross the bridge. There's an ornate door on the other side, but you can't open it from here, so head northeast.

Up here you'll find a hut. Check the door and you'll meet Yomara, sister of Romaya and a 'simple hermit'. She'll engage in an odd but cordial dialogue, which ends in her giving the party Yomara's Key. You can use Yomara's hut to rest and save, and Yomara carries several useful items: The Maple Cork, the Leaf Cape, and the Eye of Yomara. The last is an accessory that displays HP and weaknesses for non-boss enemies. (It is also very expensive.)

If you check the edges of Yomara's property you can pick Onions, Potatoes, Berries, and Grains. Look behind her house to find a Rainbow Conch in a chest. Head back south and you can use Yomara's Key to open the door that symied you earlier. On the other side are two Grassassins, and if you head southeast you'll find another clearing, this one with a chest. The chest contains Question Pack #5.

South of the chest is another light-activated mushroom. Twist time to lower it, if need be, then hop on and redirect the nearby light crystal to shine on the mushroom. This will raise you up to higher ground. Follow the northern path and it will take you in a clockwise direction, until you reach a wooden platform with mushrooms to the south. 

Check just north of the wooden platform to find a small cave. Inside are two Fungtoises and a Shroomy Shroomy Knight. You'll have to climb onto the mushroom with the lower Fungtoise to trigger a fight. Once you've cleared out the enemies you can climb to the higher level, where you'll find Mushrooms to the west and a chest containing some Shroomy Shivs for Sera├».

Head back outside and head south along the mushroom path. As you're crossing a thin beam you'll spot a torchlit platform with a rising mushroom nearby. Ignore it for a moment and continue east, until you find a cave. Inside the cave are two Fungtoises. In the northwest of the cave are mushrooms that you can get to the northwest, where you'll find a scroll that teaches the Venom Bomb Combo to Garl and Resh'an.

Head back outside and check out the platform with the torches. Direct the nearby light crystal's beam down into the mushroom to get into a cave to the north. Inside is another line of light-activated mushrooms that you'll need to cross to reach the upper level. Adjust the light source at the top of the cave accordingly.

Almost done. Head east out of the cave and into the next building you see. This will eventually bring you to a wide chamber with a staircase to nowhere. At the top you can grapple over to a Shroomy Shroomy Knight and fight three of the things, accompanied by a Grassassin. Wipe out the lot of them, then check in the northeast for a lever. This will create a path back to the ground and over to the eastern exit. There's a similar lever in the northwest that will create a bridge back west.

Go through the eastern exit. There's more ground to cover, but you're effectively done with Songshroom Marsh. Keep going until you reach a save point and the exit will be a short walk to the right. This will put you back on the world map, and you'll find the path to your destination, Clockwork Castle, a short trip to the south. Look to the left of this path and you'll find a shortcut back to the docks of Mesa Island, which will save you having to go all the way back through Autumn Hills and Songshroom Marsh.

Part 27: Clockwork Castle

Main Walkthrough