Part 5: X'tol's Landing and Moorlands

Main Walkthrough

After a bit of an extended trek through the Moorlands the party emerges on the other side, near a Stonemasons Outpost. Situated near the top of a curled, slumbering dragon, the Stonemasons Outpost is the first proper village that you get to explore... though as soon as you arrive the local Molekin will enlist the group in bringing down an evil wizard named Malkomud. That was quick.

Your next destination is in the north of the Stonemasons Outpost. You should absolutely have a look around first, though, as there's stuff to see and collect. We'll start with the outpost's services:

  • Right in the middle of the Stonemasons Outpost is the Sleepy Mason, the inn. You can set up camp inside for free, and there's a save point to boot. You can virtually always find somewhere to rest when you visit towns.
  • Up and to the right of the inn is a home belonging to a Merchant. Check out his wares for a few upgrades, notably the Teal Amber Staff for Valere and the Miner's Smock for Garl. (You can also get a Silver Sword for Zale if you missed the one on the Moorlands.) This place also sells several Relics - Adamant Shard, Sixth Sense, Truestrike Pendant, and Guardian Aura - if you want to make the game eaasier.

You should also poke around for freebies, while you're in the town:

  • In the west of the outpost you'll find a house with a Molekin who's trying to get into his locked back room. Head back outside and check the northwest of the outpost. There's a ledge over a breakable floor, and if you jump down onto the floor you'll fall through. (This took me several tries. Stand right in the middle of the ledge above before pressing the button.) Below are several Mushrooms, and you can shimmy through a crack on your right to reach the storage room. The chests inside contain Teal Amber Ore and a Shiny Pearl.
  • East of the hole / well that you used to enter the back room above is a house. Check inside to find a chest containing an Ancient Molekin Cloak. If you take this to Teaks on the east side of the Stonemasons Outpost she'll learn a new story, The Great Summoning.

There are a few more things you can grab in the Stonemasons Outpost - a chest in one of the eastern houses, for example - but you can't get at them yet. You'll have to content yourself with heading into the mines, up the stairs and in the north of the outpost. Ready for another dungeon?

Return Trip

Once you've completed the Wind Tunnels Mine, your next destination, you'll have a tool known as the Mistral Bracelet. You can use this to get at two more treasures:
  • There's a home on the east side of the outpost that you can only access by jumping off of a ledge. Inside is a fan. Shoot wind through it to activate a mill outside, then speak to Chi, the Molekin who is now sitting in a filled bathtub beside the running water. She'll give you a Rainbow Conch.
  • In the northeast of the outpost you'll find a two-room home, accessible by the left side, which houses an artist. Check the artist's room and you'll find a crystal that you can blow out of the way. On the other side is a chest containing another Rainbow Conch.

Part 7: Wind Tunnel Mines

Main Walkthrough