With the assault on the Haunted Mansion settled it is finally time to return to the mainland. Speak to Yolande in the tavern, sitting at her captain's usual seat. Yolande will offer to sail the group back to Brisk. Agree once you're ready and you'll immediately jump back - and find the city in a state of emergency, as it is under attack by monsters.

Port Town of Brisk - Enemies
  • Strife Minion - 375 HP - Weak to Moon, Sun
Upon arrival you'll find Sera├» battling it out with two Strife Minions. She'll rejoin the party, and you'll need to take out the baddies. The Strife Minions release Eyeballs that you can target, and if you leave the Eyeballs to just float there they will eventually explode when struck, damaging any nearby party members. Strife Minions are very weak to Valere and Zale's Moon and Sun, so stick to Skills and / or Boosted attacks.

Speak to the Villager the Strife Minions were menacing, then head east to find the pirates defending a few villagers. One of the Villagers is a Merchant who has some of the essentials, though you probably have better equipment than what is on offer. 

Look east of here and you'll see another Villager poking her head out of a doorway, and she's blocked in by a crate. Use the Mistral Bracelet to blow the crate out of the way and she'll give you a Basic Salad as thanks. Jump in the water south of here and swim east, where you'll find the entrance to the tavern. Take out the Strife Minions flitting about inside to free another Villager, who will give you a Tomato Club.

Head to the northwestern end of the tavern and climb the rope ladder up here to the deck of the ship. Step onto the crate to the left of the ladder, then grapple north. This will put you atop a building, and you'll need to run and grapple your way to the west until you're just north of the pirates and the Villagers.

 Hop off the building and climb the rubble on your right to get at a crate, which you can blow down to the ground. Blow it north to create a step up to the central plaza, where two more Strife Minions are waiting. Kill them off, then drop into the hole on your left to land beside the Villager who is trapped beneath the ground. Blow the crate that's trapping him to the south and he'll give you Mushroom Soup.

Run north to the plaza and you'll find three more Strife Minions on the other side of the fountain. Take them out and you'll have cleared Brisk. Climb the stairs on your right to trigger a few cut scenes, at the end of which you'll be leaving Brisk to find a boat. The ones hereabouts are a little... damaged.

Speak to the Villager by the save point for some Basic Armor... very handy... then talk to Ser... the pirate's captain to set off. During the cut scene that follows you'll receieve the Who would have thought? Achievement, and the crew will leap to their next destination: The Vespertine.