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Partway through Final Fantasy XVI you'll unlock a new section of the Hideaway known as the Patron's Whisper. Located in the Mess and run by a chipper woman named Desiree, the Patron's Whisper provides anonymous donations to Clive's band in exchange for their hard work. The items range from crafting items to AP to useful equipment for Clive. 

Donations are unlocked by accumulating Renown. There are two ways to earn Renown in Final Fantasy XVI:

  • Complete quests. These include sub-quests, attached to main story quests, and the side quests that are marked on your map.
  • Defeat Notorious Marks. You'll find Notorious Marks listed on the Hunt Board, located next to the Patron's Whisper in the Mess.
Renown is not used up when claiming a donation. Think of the Renown needed as more of a tier level than a currency and you'll get the idea. Your current Renown also determines which Donations are visible, and you'll be allowed to view (but not necessarily claim) more donations as you build up more Renown.

Collecting all of the donations requires 2,850 Renown. You don't need to complete every side quest or kill every Notorious Mark to reach this amount, but you will need to do most of the game's side content. Claiming the final donation will earn you the Careful Whisper Trophy.


  • Talk of the Teahouse - 15 Renown - 20 Valley Madder, 20 Bloody Hides, 20 Steelsilk, 400 AP
  • Respect - 45 Renown - 1 Meteorite
  • Pillow Talk - 85 Renown - Berserker Ring
  • A Swelling Chorus - 135 Renown - A Rose is a Rose Orchestrion Roll, 1 Empty Shard
  • A Prayer for Safe Travels - 205 Renown - Cleric's Medallion +1
  • Safe Passage - 295 Renown - Dire Wolf Jess
  • A Token - 410 Renown - 2 Briar Clam Shells, 15 Desert Roses, 800 AP
  • The Bearer's Plight - 550 Renown - 2 Meteorites
  • A Light from the Heavens - 715 Renown - High Cleric's Medallion
  • A Pall Lifted - 905 Renown - 40 Sharp Fangs, 30 Bloody Hides, 30 Steelsilk, 1,500 AP
  • Newfound Purpose - 1,120 Renown - No Risk, No Reward Orchestrion Roll, 1 Amber
  • A Gift - 1,360 Renown - Talisman of Priming
  • A Fitting Performance - 1,635 Renown - 20 Clutchmine, 50 Wyrrite, 50 Magicked Ash, 2,500 AP
  • Faith Undying - 1,965 Renown - Ring of the Swiftshot
  • Continental Acclaim - 2,365 Renown - Genji Gloves
  • Unsigned - 2,850 Renown - To Sail Forbidden Seas Orchestrion Roll, 1 Fallen Enigma

Equipment Uses

The primary downside to collecting donations from the Patron's Whisper is the inability to see what each item does. In most cases the use is obvious - you'll receive many common crafting items, orchestrion rolls, and a bundle of AP - but other items remain opaque as to their use until you've received the donation. Consequently, you won't know whether it was worth your time to gather Renown until you've already done it.

This list covers the uses of the various one-off items you'll receive from the Patron's Whisper. Make sure you gather them all before you begin a New Game Plus, or you'll miss out on the chance to improve the effects by combining items on your next playthrough.

  • Berserker Ring - Temporarily increases attack proficiency with each Precision Dodge
  • Cleric's Medallion +1 - Increases healing potency of Potions by 40%
  • Dire Wolf Jess - Increases melee combo damage by 5%
  • High Cleric's Medallion - Increases healing potency of High Potions by 25%
  • Talisman of Priming - Increases Lionheart Tonic duration by 30 seconds
  • Ring of the Swiftshot - Lowers charge time for charged magic by 0.2 seconds
  • Genji Glove - Increases all damage dealth to enemies by 5%
  • Fall Enigma - Sold for 5,000 gil

Main Walkthrough