Part 42: Across the Narrow

Main Walkthrough

Wolfdarr / The Angry Gap / Eistla / Halfcombe - Enemies

  • Adamantitan
  • Akashic Folkstaf
  • Akashic Gandfreyr
  • Akashic Mastiff
  • Akashic Osfreyr
  • Akashic Sigfreyr
  • Akashic Sveithvaldr
  • Akashic War Aevis
  • Blue Trifle
  • Lesser Lopros
  • Lindwurm
  • Mud Crab
  • Plague
  • Pyrolisk
  • Orcish Fodder
  • Orcish Mesmerizer
  • Tarantula

Wolfdarr / The Angry Gap / Eistla / Halfcombe - Random Items

  • Black Blood
  • Bloody Hide
  • Clutchmine
  • Gil
  • High Potion
  • Magicked Ash
  • Potion

Making a return trip to the shores of Ash, Clive, Torgal, Joshua, and Gav first need to find their way through a dying wasteland. The Shadow Coast doesn't last long, and you won't find anything of interest until you wind your way into the dead village of Wolfdarr. There are a couple things to grab here:

  • Along the main path is an Item, on your right.
  • As you walk through the village you'll see several Akashic Osfreyr ahead, standing near a well. Take a left up the nearby stairs from this point and you'll find an Item next to one of the houses on the upper level.
  • Just after your first battle in the village the path will split in two. If you take the eastern stairs you'll find more enemies. Among these houses are two chests. The first, in a yard on your right before going up a second set of stairs, contains twenty Sharp Fangs. The second, up the second set of stairs and in front of the house you find, contains Amber.
  • After the second battle along the main road you'll see more orcs further to the north, in the village square. Check the yard on your left before engaging them and you'll find an Item behind the nearby house.
  • On the west side of the courtyard you'll find a path leading to a huge gate. If you approach the gate you'll get into a battle with Pandemonium, a Notorious Mark. Also in this clearing is an Item, and if you check to the left of the gate you'll find a chest containing Regal Armguards.

At the north end of Wolfdarr you'll run into a large squad of orcs and Akashic, guarding the village square. You'll need to fight two waves of these enemies, and the second has a Gandfreyr who will cast Protect on his allies. Prioritize wiping him out and the rest should give you no trouble. Use the lever by the gate in the far north to leave Wolfdarr.

Beyond Wolfdarr is the mountain path of Skaithfarr, and aside from a few Items you won't see anything of interest until you hit a cut scene. Once it is done Joshua will leave the party for a while. You'll be pointed east, though if you turn around and check the gate Joshua used to depart you'll find an Item.

Next up is the Angry Gap, a bulbous pair of bogs connected by two tiny paths. These areas are populated by Mud Crabs, Pyrolisks, and Adamantitans, and if you want to avoid trouble you should stick to the edges as you make your way east. There are a few things to check out if you care to poke around:

  • If you walk straight down the middle of the western section of the Angry Gap you'll find an Item. Just north of here is the nest of a Lindwurm, a Wyvern variant that eschews fire attacks for pure melee muscle.
  • In roughly the middle of the western section is an Item. You'll need to fight a number of enemies to get at it, including an Adamantitan.
  • In the south of the western section is a small side path leading up a hill. At the top and through a gap in the rocks is your first active Chronolith, and if you use it Clive alone will be sent to a virtual battlefield. This one is the Trial by Ice, and you can only use Shiva's Eikonic Abilities. We'll discuss Chronoliths in another article. Next to the Chronolith is a chest containing a Masamune.
  • In the north of the western section is a chest. You'll find it next to the 'The' in the area title on the map. The chest contains an Empty Shard, thirty Bloody Hides, and thirty spools of Steelsilk. Watch out for the Lindwurm that lives a little ways southeast of the chest.
  • There's an Item sitting beside the heap of rocks that divide the central path into two.
  • Northeast of the central connective paths, once you enter the eastern section, is an Item. Try to grab it and a Blue Trifle will emerge from the bog and attack. It fights the same as most Flan-type enemies, with a preference for ice magic.
  • In the south of the eastern section is a broken wagon. Next to it is a chest containing two Goblin Coins. East of the wagon is an Item, though watch out for another Blue Trifle if you try to grab the Item.
  • There are several more Items if you run straight down the middle of the eastern section. There are also several Blue Trifles, some hidden and some not. Be ready to fight if you decide to charge straight ahead.

Make your way to the far east end of the Angry Gap and you'll find a precarious bridge over a chasm. Despite how it looks the trip across goes well, and you'll find some Items on the other side.  Check to the left of the stairs on the other side of the bridge to find a chest containing twenty Bloody Hides. You'll also find the gate to a village called Eistla...

... and when you enter, the party will immediately be attacked by a large number of Akashic. They come in five waves:

  • First up are a large number of Akashic Osfreyr. They're strictly melee opponents, and shouldn't give you any trouble.
  • Second are Akashic Mastiffs and Akashic Gandfreyr. The Gandfreyr don't use any supportive magic this time, but are still a nuisance with their long-range attacks, and should be eliminated first.
  • Third are Akashic Osfreyr, Sigfreyr, and Gandfreyr. You'll see Warcry and Cure bandied about regularly, so, again, go for the magic users.
  • Fourth are some Akashic Sigfreyr and Osfreyr, an Akashic Folkstaf, and an Akashic War Aevis. Let Torgal and Gav handle the lesser mooks while you concentrate on the Aevis, keeping an eye on the Folkstaf if he decides to go for Clive.
  • Last is a lone Akashic Sveithvaldr. This dude likes his rushing attacks, but otherwise is just a heavy foe with a big, slow axe. Akashic Mastiffs will occasionally show up to help the Sveithvaldr, but you should avoid locking onto them. Concentrate on the Sveithvaldr.
You'll receive Sharp Fangs, Bloody Hides, and Magicked Ash for successfully taking on all five waves of enemies. Something rather epic will happen in the aftermath of the battle, and Clive's progress out of Eistla will be stymied by an enormous barrier. 

You'll need to have a look around Eistla to find a way forward. Might as well check about for optional stuff before progressing the plot - though you may want to start by going up the stairs to the south of the town square, as you'll find Eistla's Obelisk up here.
  • On the west side of Eistla's central plaza is a wooden framework. Climb it to find more houses. Sitting with a bunch of crates across the ladder you used is a chest containing the Indomitable Orchestrion Roll and a Goblin Coin.
  • In the north of Eistla is an empty establishment called the Maudlin Mason. On the second floor are two rooms. Check the room further down the hall to find a chest containing Amber.
  • There's an Item near Eistla's eastern gate, though of course you can't go any further east than this.
  • East of the Obelisk is a house. Check the side of the house for a chest containing twenty Bloody Hides.
All that leaves is the house nearest the Obelisk, which is rather conspicuously marked by a nearby Item. Head inside to meet Edda, Eistla's sole occupant. This will trigger several cut scenes, reveal a few important plot points, and remove Gav from the party. Clive and Torgal are flying solo for a while.

Leave Eistla via its eastern gate, which you can now open. This will bring you to the region of Halfcombe, a southbound trek through rocky wilderness. Aside from several groups of Tarantulas, one group of Lesser Lopros, and some easily-spotted Items, there's not much of interest in Halfcombe. In the south you'll come to a clearing with a Plague, a stripped-down version of Ahriman, the first Notorious Mark you ever fought.

In the far south of Halfcombe, after defeating (or avoiding) the Plague, you'll reach the end of the road. If you take a right before exiting to the Edge of Infinity you'll find a floating chest that contains Adamantite Gauntlets. (Despite how that sounds, the gauntlets are an accessory, not armwear.) Approach the Edge of Infinity to activate its Obelisk, and, after a brief cut scene, you'll leave the area. Next stop, Reverie.

Part 44: The Last King

Main Walkthrough