Part 30: Bolts from the Blue, Getting to Work

Main Walkthrough

The Velkroy Desert - Enemies

  • Antares
  • Bloodfang
  • Goblin Mugger
  • Goblin Weaver
  • Helldiver
  • Salamander
  • Scorpion
  • Sunhound
  • Wid Chocobo
  • Wild Nakk
The Velkroy Desert - Random Items
  • Desert Rose
  • Gil
  • High Potion
  • Magicked Ash
  • Potion
  • Sharp Fang

Clive, Byron, and Torgal are off on a journey, and their first step takes them into the Velkroy Desert. It is worth noting, if you haven't noticed while doing side quests, that Torgal can now use magic - and he will, occasionally, if you keep an eye on him. Torgal's commands haven't changed, so you can't give him the word, unfortunately.

Your first stop is over the dunes to the east of the Obelisk. The desert isn't as massive as it looks, however, so you may want to look around first.

  • There's an Item on the dune Byron mentions when you first enter the Velkroy Desert. There are also many more items spread throughout the desert, often without obvious landmarks nearby. You'll see them shining in the sand from a mile away, so we won't touch on them all here.
  • North of the Obelisk you'll find the remains of what was presumably a desert town called Ceratina. Stick to the main path through and you'll be attacked by monsters, as well as find some Items. Check the south end of the central buildings for a chest containing a Mythril Belt.
  • Next to Ceratina is the Northern Velkroy Desert. Despite Byron's protestations you can explore this area, though all you'll find in the sandier bits are Items. Make your way east and you'll find a thin valley where the weather clears up. A Salamander lives out here, and it's protecting a few Items, as well as an inactive Chronolith.
  • In the northeast of the main desert you'll find a narrowed path with Items on your left and right, and another at the dead end to the north. You'll also see a big, conspicuous rock at this dead end, which will attack you if you get too close. (Its name is Fastitocalon.)

The Dalimil Inn

You can explore the desert for a while, if you like, but there's not a ton to find besides that Mythril Belt. Head to the enormous ruins in the middle of the desert, then travel south to your next stop, the Dalimil Inn. Byron mucks things up in the cut scenes that follow, and Clive will need to battle four Royal Osfreyrs inside the inn. Given the close quarters your AOE attacks will make short work of the competition.

You'll receive Bloody Hides for winning the bar brawl. Once the cut scenes end you can have a quick look around the Dalimil Inn, which is larger than you might think at first. (It even has its own Obelisk.) If you head to the south end of the inn's area you'll be stopped at a gate, so you need to trek around the place to find another way out anyway.

  • Near the Obelisk is the door to the tavern that you just trashed. Also here are stairs to an upper level. Follow the path until it reaches a fenced-in dead end. Here you'll find a chest containing two Goblin Coins.
  • The upper path also leads south, to the other end of the Dalimil Inn area. At the bottom of the stairs in the south you'll find a chest containing fifteen chunks of Wyrrite.
  • In the south, by the closed gate, is a Merchant. Aside from the usual wares she carries The Breath of Lightning (Lightning Rod) and The Thousand Tables Orchestrion Roll.
  • There's a waterside path that runs along the southwestern edge of the town. Follow it behind the buildings to find a chest containing a Goblin Coin.
Check the closed gate and you'll next need to find two townspeople for more information. The first, a Traveling Trader, is to the north of the gate, while the second, a Stallholder, is about ten feet away from the first. After that you'll need to head a ways southwest, to the water's edge, and speak to the Riverboat Captain who's standing on one of the docks.

All these inquiries will point you to a man named Ferda. Head back northwest through the town and you'll find him by the Baths. He'll point you to the bordello, a short walk to the northeast. Back here you'll run into four Back-alley Bruisers, and they'll be joined by reinforcements after a short while. They're all basic melee enemies, and no match for Clive. You'll receive Steelsilk and Gil Bugs for winning the battle. What a violent town.

Winning will also earn Clive and Byron an introduction to L'ubor, the seeming boss of Dalimil. Head northeast, back to the Obelisk, and you'll meet L'ubor - and be forced to undertake a cryptic quest on his behalf.

Follow the Crystals

Reward: 80 Wyrrite, 1 Meteorite, 15 Renown, 800 gil

Your only hint in this sub-quest is to 'follow the crystals'. There are three townsfolk to whom Clive must speak:
  • By the North Gate, the way you came in, and by a heap of supplies on your right as you exit Dalimil
  • By the Desert Gate, in the northeast, and on your right as you approach the gate from Dalimil
  • In the Markets, standing on the bridge over the water
Return to the inn once by the Obelisk once you've spoken to all three NPCs. The Serving Girl out front will point you up the nearby stairs. Follow them to your left and then north, to the dead end where you (may have) found a chest earlier. Byron is up here. Speak to him to receive your next destination.

The Southern Velkroy Desert - Enemies
  • Antares
  • Bloodfang
  • Helldiver
  • Kupka's Private Guard
  • Leg Eater
  • Royal Courser
  • Royal Knight
  • Royal Knight Captain
  • Scorpion
  • Wild Chocobo
  • Wild Nakk
Byron has arranged a meeting with some soldiers, out in the Southern Velkroy Desert. You can reach it via the Desert Gate in the northeast of Dalimil. The rendezvous with the soldiers is in the east, and aside from the occasional Item along the way there's nothing else of interest keeping you from your appointment.

Head to the meeting place. Byron, of course, will get Clive into trouble, and you'll need to fight your way out past Kupka's Private Guard, some Royal Knights, and a Royal Knight Captain. The Captain can defend, but aside from that they're nothing special. Defeat enough enemies to bring in some Royal Chaplains who will use Cure on a new wave of soldiers, and after that you'll engage some Royal Coursers. As long as you wipe out the healers this fight is business as usual.

You'll receive Sharp Fangs, Steelsilk, and Magicked Ash for taking out three waves of opponents. This will also satisfy L'ubor, who, after insulting Byron a few times, will give you the Desert Rose Seal. In addition to paving the way further south this will also unlock two side quests in Dalimil: Carving Out a Niche and Hot Water.

Doeznov Terraces

The remaining trek to Drake's Fang, south of Dalimil, takes place along the Doeznov Terraces. The majority of this route is featureless, and you need only follow it south to find the exit. The only area of note is Fangsdrip, an open area in the west that is filled with small springs and populated by Helldivers. Aside from the occasional Item, there are two chests you can collect in Fangsdrip:
  • In the south and on your left is a shack. Next to it is a chest containing a Goblin Coin, fifteen Sharp Fangs, and fifteen Bloody Hides.
  • In the north, near the 'Doeznov Terraces' name on the map, is a chest beside a ledge. It contains fifteen Sharp Fangs.
That's pretty much it for this region. Follow the path south and you'll reach the Jaw, which will lead you to Drake's Fang. Byron will part ways with Clive in the next cut scene, at least for now, and you'll unlock your next major quest.

(It's worth noting that you'll unlock the Jaw's Obelisk by reaching the exit. If you Fast Travel to the Jaw later you'll find a stretch of rocky land that you skipped right by. There's nothing of interest here right now, save for some Items, though the area is conspicuously large. Perhaps something in the future will bring you back here...?)

Part 32: Into the Darkness

Main Walkthrough