Part 7: Booster Pass and Booster Tower

Main Walkthrough

Upon reaching the top of Booster Hill you'll arrive at the town of Marrymore. Catering more or less exclusively to newlyweds, Marrymore is the prime spot for Booster to marry Toadstool - and if you approach the church in the northeast, you'll see that Booster and his Snifits haven't wasted any time confiscating the joint.

Your objective is getting inside the church and rescuring Toadstool. First, though, you should check out Marrymore's other major landmark, which is the Marrymore Hotel.

Marrymore Hotel

Renowned for its high-class service, the Marrymore Hotel is a bit more involved than other Inns in Super Mario RPG. Speak to the attendant at the front desk and you'll receive several options. We'll start with new equipment.

For the most part you won't want to pick up the equipment in Marrymore. The Happy line of armor offers higher defense than the Work Pants you can buy in Moleville, but the drop to everyone's attack is more significant than any defensive gains. The Hand Gun and the Whomp Glove are better weapons for Geno and Mallow, respectively, but the Super Hammer and the Chomp Shell are weaker than the Masher and the Chomp, for Mario and Bowser. You can get the Masher and the Chomp for free from Booster Tower, if you haven't already. Try to save your money...

... because the other thing you can do in the Marrymore Hotel: Stay the night. You have two options here:

  • The regular room, which costs 10 coins
  • The Deluxe Suite, which costs 200 coins

The regular room is just a normal stay at an Inn. You'll wind up in the room on the middle floor of the hotel, and when you're done sleeping, you're done. Before you leave the room, however - or if you just want to take a trek up there without paying - hop onto the shelves in the left corner of the room. There's a hidden chest in the air above the shelves, and it contains a Frog Coin.

If you choose to stay in the suite you'll immediately receive a Flower Tab, and a bellboy will show you up to the room on the top floor. After you tip him (or not) you can enjoy the suite's amenities, such as the shower room (upper-right door) and the room service (bell on the lower-right table). Click on the lamp on the upper-right table to go to bed for the night. You can receive a Flower Jar by staying here a few more times, and Frog Coins for additional visits.

When you pay for the suite you're only paying for a single night. If, however, you hit the lamp again, you can stay for as many additional nights as you like. When you try to leave, however, the manager will hit you up for an extra 100 coins per extra night. If you can't pay then you'll be forced to work off the additional time as a bellhop, escorting guests up to the suite and then seeing them out. If you're lucky you may receive an item as a tip from the customers, though most of the time they will just leave.

Head to the wedding hall once you're done mucking about at the hotel. The door is still locked, and there's no obvious way inside. You'll need to sneak in, and that's done by inspecting the outer wall of the hall. If you check behind the bottom-most tower you'll find a rear exit inside, leading to the kitchen. This leads to the entry hall...

... where you'll find another locked door. The Snifit guarding the hall will try to flee, though the door is keeping the Snifit out of the chapel. The two of you will need to rush at the door to slam it open. Wait until the Snifit hops and is about to land before running full-tilt at the door. This leads to an antechamber with a save block, and you'll need to repeat this door-crushing process with Bowser. Wait until Bowser shakes his fist twice before rushing the door.

The process of breaking into the hall sends characters flying, and Princess Toadstool's garments will be scattered about the place. The Snifits will grab most of the items, then freak out about finding the crown. You need to speak to each Snifit, get the item they've collected, and then run up to Booster and Toadstool. Once you have the other three items you'll find the crown on Booster's head. Speak to Booster once you have everything. Depending on how quickly you gather everything, the little scene that follows will play out... differently. (If you want the funniest scene, take your time.)

Regardless of how the search goes, the wedding will break up and the party will prepare to leave... at least until a few irate chefs show up.


HP: 600 (Raspberry)
Weakness: Jump (Raspberry)

In the running for one of Super Mario RPG's weirdest battles, the Bundt fight, uh... it's certainly something. Bundt and its cronies use the following attacks:

  • A normal melee attack (Tortes, Bundt, Raspberry)
  • A light ball against a single target (Bundt)
  • Lulla-by, a single-target attack that can put a character to Sleep (Bundt)
  • Diamond Saw, a strong single-target attack (Bundt)
  • Blizzard, an Ice attack against the whole party (Bundt)
  • Sand Storm, a magic attack against the whole party that can inflict Fear (Raspberry)
  • Drain Beam, a magic attack against the whole party (Raspberry)

The brawl begins with two chefs, both named 'Torte' here, flailing wildly at the party. Hit Bundt enough times and the cake will come to life, prompting the chefs to flee. Five candles will light up on Bundt's 'head', and from this point on it will attack multiple times per turn. If any of its candles are blown out Bundt will relight one after it takes its turns.

Your goal in this battle is to extinguish the five candles. Each time you hit Bundt with a normal attack you'll blow out a candle. This means no Special Moves! Normal attacks only! If you're not hurting for health, have all three characters attack; otherwise, reserve one character for healing while the other two smack Bundt around. Bundt can dish out a lot of damage, so if you're having trouble keeping up you may want to purchase Mid Mushrooms and Pick Me Ups. FroggieDrinks from Tadpole Pond are also good to offset any AOE damage. Fear can cripple your party, so consider equipping Fearless Pins on your party members.

Once you've knocked out Bundt's five candles and hit it one more time the top half of the cake will disappear, leaving an enemy named Raspberry behind. Raspberry can still use a few painful attacks, notably Sandstorm, though it doesn't have much HP and won't last long. Break out Mario's Super Jump to finish it off.

After the battle's over the wedding hall will empty of baddies, allowing the Toads to get back to the normal festivites. (You can even get Mario's photo taken if you join the group outside the wedding hall.) Toadstool will join the party as your final member, though you need to take her back to the Mushroom Kingdom. Toadstool will leave the party in the throne room...

... and then promptly rejoin you when you leave the castle. Good stuff. Toadstool isn't the best fighter in the world, but she has healing abilities that will make her nigh-indispensible for the latter portions of Super Mario RPG. You won't find Toadstool all that handy for normal battles, so save her for bosses.

Head to Star Hill and speak to Frogfucious, as Mallow suggests. He will straight-up tell you where to find your next Star Piece, and it's the most obvious location possible: Star Hill. You'll find Star Hill just beyond Marrymore.

Star Hill


  • Gecko - 92 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Mastadoom - 180 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Mukumuku - 108 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Pulsar - 69 HP - Weak to Fire
  • Sackit - 152 HP
As far as Star Piece hunts go, it doesn't get much easier than Star Hill. This location consists of three enemy-filled maps, and each one has a large, locked star gate. In order to open the gate in each area you need to travel along the edges of the map and interact with the green flowers you'll find. Activate all of them and you'll hear the star gate open, and you can move on to the next area. So long as you stick to the edges of each map you'll have no trouble finding the flowers.

As you navigate Star Hill you'll see little stars on the ground, some of which have smiley faces. If you interact with the smiley stars you'll learn the wishes of many familiar characters, some of whom are in your party. Assuming you don't want to rush straight through Star Hill, it's worth wandering around and checking out everyone's wishes. Most notable is a star in the southeast of the second map, where you'll receive a hint as to Mallow's origins.

Check in the north of the third map and you'll find your fourth Star Piece. Yep, it's just that easy. Once you've collected it, finish up with the flowers and open your way out of Star Hill. Next stop, Seaside Town.

Main Walkthrough