Main Walkthrough

Location: The Hideaway (ship)
Petitioner: Obolus, Boatman
Unlocked: Begin The Gathering Storm
Reward: Badge of Might +1, 10 Renown

To trigger Caulk & Bawl you need to be far enough through Final Fantasy XVI for the Hideaway to be a half-sunken airship, and not a remote cave. Proceed through the story until you trigger a new quest, The Gathering Storm, then speak to Otto for some mission details. Once he's done talking the waypoint for Caulk & Bawl will appear on the map.

Head to the docks, on the lower, southern level of the Hideaway. Here you'll find Obolus, the guy who rowed Clive and Jill to the Hideaway. He's angry because the Blight is eating away at the hull of his boat, and it won't last much longer without some pitch to coat the hull. He'll need a particular substance to get the job done.

Travel to Three Reeds. There's a sub-section of the area near the Obelisk called Coeurltail Falls - you can drop off of the cliff on your left to get there quickly - and you'll find a group of Thorny Thistles hanging out at the bottom of the falls. They're standard poison-spitting foes, and shouldn't pose much of a threat. You'll earn Pitcher Wax, Sharp Fangs, and Magicked Ash for defeating them.

Take the Pitcher Wax back to Obolus. He'll accept the wax... grudgingly... and hand over your reward.