Part 24: The Gathering Storm, Dark Clouds Gather, Release

Main Walkthrough

Hawk's Cry Cliff /  - Enemies

  • Bluebird
  • Death Blossom
  • Gloom Widow
  • Hornet
  • Killer Bee
  • Wild Chocobo
  • Wivre

Hawk's Cry Cliff - Random Items

  • Briar Clam Shell
  • Gil
  • High Potion
  • Potion
  • Sharp Fang
The path to your next major destination begins in Hawk's Cry Cliff, an outdoor area similar to the places you've already visited. Your storyline stop is the town of Amber, a short walk to the north of the field entrance, though we might as well have a look around the entirety of Hawk's Cry Cliff first.
  • A short walk from the entrance and on your left is an Item, next to some Wild Chocobos.
  • There are three blackened rock formations on your map, just north of the entrance. Between them is an Item.
  • There's a Wivre sleeping on the western slopes of the area, just south of the 'Hawk's Cry Cliff' label on the map. Just west of its resting point is a path leading along the western edge of the cliffs, and if you follow it you'll come to a monument of some kind. This will serve a purpose later. North of this path you'll find an Item.
  • You'll find plenty of Wild Chocobos (and the occasional Bluebird) wandering around outside Amber. North of the entrance to Amber is an Item, among the Chocobos.
Not a whole lot to see, in other words. On the north end of Hawk's Cry Cliff you'll find a smaller area named Auldhyl. It's a westbound path lined with enemies and a few Items, though it also leads to a couple of blocked-off paths. We'll come back to them shortly.


A miniscule hamlet in the middle of nowhere, Amber is your first stop in the region. There are a few small things of note before you proceed with the quest:
  • Near the entrance is a Merchant. He sells Cobalt Tassels, if you want to charge up Limit Breaks faster, and the Night Terrors Orchestrion Roll.
  • To the east of the merchant is a house by itself, up against the cliffs surrounding Amber. On the left side of the house is a chest containing ten spools of Steelsilk.
  • Walk north through Amber and you'll see a house on your left with a well and some laundry out front. Look behind this house to find a chest containing a Goblin Coin.
  • Check behind the northern-most home and you'll find a chest. It contains a Goblin Coin, ten Bloody Hides, and ten pinches of Magicked Ash.
That's all for exploring. Your next task is to speak to two of the townsfolk. There's a Youth standing across the path from the Merchant, and further north is another Youth, leaning against a fence. Chat with both and a third Villager, near the northern edge of the village, will speak to you as well. This final conversation doesn't go well. 

Time to move on. Your next destination is in Auldhyl. You can either backtrack to Hawk's Cry Cliff and head there that way, or take the back route out of Amber and through a new area, Shallop Rock. We're going through Shallop Rock.

Shallop Rock - Enemies
  • Arachne
  • Black Shield
  • Bomb
  • Death Blossom
  • Fallen Bug
  • Fallen Hunter
  • Gloom Widow
  • Imperial War Wyrm
A short way down this path you'll run into a gang of Fallen Hunters, near an Item. Take out the enemies and the path will split in two:
  • The shorter, smaller, northern path (right) will lead you to a few Fallen Bugs, as well as an Item.
  • The more spacious southern path (left) will bring you up against several Bombs, a Death Blossom, and a squad of Black Shields, the latter of which is idling near an Item. Check to your left after engaging the Bombs and you'll find an odd, egg-like chest that contains a Bull's Horn Braid.
The paths don't quite connect again until you're almost through the area, though aside from an Item along the southern paths you won't find anything of interest. Once they do connect you'll hit a squad of more Fallen Hunters and Fallen Bugs. Check this clearing to find a chest containing a Goblin Coin, fifteen Bloody Hides, and fifteen spools of Steelsilk.

As you come to the end of Shallop Rock you'll run into more imperials. Take them out and follow the path south to find a bridge. (Note the Item to the right of the bridge. You'll be ambushed by Gloom Widows if you approach.) Cross the bridge to trigger a cut scene, then get into a battle with some Black Shields. Take out the healer in the back and the rest won't last long. You'll receive Wyrrite and Bloody Hides for winning the battle.

To the west of the bridge is the entrance to Auldhyl, which also happens to be a town...


... though... not anymore. Now that's grim. Upon entering Auldhyl you'll activate the Auldhyl Docks Obelisk. Best have a quick look around before moving on to the docks.
  • There's a house on your left when you enter Auldhyl. Check by the shed on the right side of the house to find a chest containing a Demontamer's Sash.
  • In the north is the bridge to Sorrowise. You still can't lower this thing. Look south of it, however, and you'll find a chest beside a supply shed. The chest contains ten chunks of Wyrrite.
  • In the west of Auldhyl are the docks. Check the end of the dock on the right to find a chest containing a Goblin Coin.
Head west through Auldhl once you've looked around. You'll find an exit to another field-style section, and a short walk away you'll find the base of Bewit Bridge. There are some NPCs about, if you want a conversation, and if you check the wagons near the edge of the bridge you'll find a chest containing ten Bloody Hides.

Quicksands and the Silken Strand - Enemies
  • Death Blossom
  • Devil Crab
South of Bewit Bridge you'll find a small area named Quicksands. You can either stick to the road and carry on south, or you can take a right and head down to the beach. You'll find an Item down here, as well as some Devil Crabs. Head to the southwest corner of Quicksands and you'll see a half-sunken boat washed up on the beach. Next to it is a chest containing Black Blood.

Leave Quicksands and continue south to arrive at the Silken Strand, your final leg of the journey. Aside from an Item down on the beach - as well as a ton of Devil Crabs - you can find a chest beside the fishing shack at the south end of the sand. It contains ten Sharp Fangs. An Item in the grassy area near the main path is the only other thing to grab here.

You'll complete your trek in the south, by the Port Isolde Obelisk. The port itself is... closed for business, suffice it to say, so Clive and company will need to find another way in.